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C3RF Members' Letters to the Prime Minister Opposing National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia

Many of the members of the Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights & Freedoms have written directly to the Prime Minister of Canada objecting to the implementation of a National Day commemorating Islamophobia. Please find a selection of these letters below, which span the country from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia. We encourage you to write to him and your MP - feel free to use the ideas below to customize your own personal letter, and here is another sample with ideas to include.

Scroll down to read all letters, or click each of the links below to jump quickly to that letter:

From: M.W.
Sent: March 20, 2018 12:39 AM
Subject: canadians do not want a national day of remembrance and action on islamophobia

Dear Mr. Trudeau,
I was shocked to be informed that the government is intending to announce on Wednesday the creation of a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” I can only hope that this is fake news. I know the creation of such a day was one of the recommendations of the Heritage Committee. This makes one wonder if the Heritage Committee paid any attention to the experts among the witnesses it called. For example, Rebecca Kong of the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics testified that the number of hate crimes was so small that it did not support the assertion of Petition e-411 (the basis of Motion M-103) that there was a “notable rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada.” Furthermore, on a per capita basis, Muslims are not the most targeted group in Canada – by a long shot. Then why the emphasis on that undefined term “Islamophobia” which can be interpreted so broadly as include not only discrimination or bigotry against Muslims but also dislike of Islam? Every Canadian has the right not to like a religion or ideology – without being condemned by the government.   
The actual statistics on hate crimes in Canada do not support the implicit accusation in Petition e-411 and Motion M-103 that Canadians are hateful bigots whose proclivities need to be “quelled” by the government. The creation of a Day of Action Against Islamophobia is a solution to a non-existent problem. It will not be supported by a majority of Canadians. And many of them will wonder why the creation of such a Day was enacted so hastily and so secretly.
Yours sincerely,
Ottawa, Ontario

M.W. - Ottawa, Ontario

From: C.C.
Sent: March 27, 2018 10:00 AM
Subject: A Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia
Dear Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, MP Melanie Jolie, and MP Catherine McKenna,

"A day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia'. WHY?  


Why are Canadians being accused by our government of "systemic racism and religious discrimination"( M-103) when this is simply Not true - when you go to the grocery store, mall, or the park, on the subway, do you see people of every ethnic group?Racism?Fear? When the Prime Minister says "Diversity is our Strength", is this Double-speak? Canadians have a reputation for being Peaceful, Helpful, and Charitable! A great country!

A day to shame All Canadians for what? What, exactly is this about? A Day for the Government to attack All Canadians for what? Looks like the goal of the Liberal government is to exalt One religion above everyone else. Is this what it means? 

In Canada we have the right to critique/dislike/hate any Religion we want! If this is about Muslim hate crimes, why has the Government not said so? And, where is the proof? The Stats point to Jews and Blacks as having the hightest rate of Hate Crimes and Christian discrimination is very prominent, and on the rise in Canada! 


Why is the Liberal Government on such a desperate mission to attack and shame all Canadians for a problem that simply does not have any proof of existing????????????


Ingersoll, Ontario

C.C. - Ingersol, Ontario

From: G.F.
Sent: March 27, 2018 5:14 PM
Cc: David Anderson, MP
Subject: Motion M-103
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

I am writing to let you know I do not support Motion M-103 and the Day of Action on Islamophobia.  

As "Islamophobia" has not been defined, despite encouragement to do so, fears and concerns that Motion M-103 will contribute to the increasing curtailment of free speech in Canada are most definitely real and justified.  Not all individuals of Middle Eastern descent are Muslims, so I am left to believe that you and your party are singling out one religion (rather than an ethnic group) for protection against criticism or debate.  

I also have concerns that Motion M-103 and the Day of Action on Islamophobia will result in our legal system being afraid to prosecute and hold criminals to account for fear of being labeled Islamophobic, just as is happening in other countries such as the UK.  

If any group is experiencing systemic institutional bias in our country, it is Christians, who are increasingly having their free speech rights, rights of conscience, and other freedoms disrespected.  

Please think again about the unnecessary and divisive Motion M-103, and its accompanying Day of Action on Islamophobia, your government has put forward and please scrap it.  

Thank you.

Neville, Saskatchewan

G.F. - Neville, Saskatchewan

From: A.S.
Date: Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 9:19 PM
Subject: No to anti Islamophobia Day!
Cc: Marco Mendicino <>, "" <>, "" <>

Subject: No to anti Islamophobia Day!

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I have followed all discussion on the motion that was brought forward claiming Canadians are racist and anti Muslim and read the Heritage Committee Report that resulted from the original false notion. Canadians are not racist or bigoted and have not demonstrated that there is any need to have special protection for Muslims, or special status for Islam, not A special Day against Islamophobia!

I decry the use of this misleading, undefined, politically loaded term, Islamophobia. We should never enshrine it in legislation nor create a day to justify its use. The word itself is posited by those who would deny others’ free speech.

Let’s celebrate our diversity, a major theme of your government. Let’s remember in our hearts those who suffer persecution based on any number of issues or identities, and let’s punish the perpetrators of crimes such as the person who murdered six Muslim men in a mosque, but don’t create a mystique around that event. There have been many many more young Black youth killed in Canada. There have been at least 6 and maybe more Gay men murdered in Toronto by one assailant. There have been more hate attacks on Jews in Canada than on any other religious community in all past years in memory. So, let’s not cast in law, the commemoration of one single event by one as yet uncharged criminal which does not convey a society filled with bigotry or bias.

No, to an Anti Islamophobia Day!
No to any Anti islamophobia Law!
No to Islam curtailing our free speech! No to anti Muslim bigotry and other forms of discrimination!


Toronto, Ontario

A.S. - Toronto, Ontario

From: G.G.
Sent: March 27, 2018 7:48 AM
Subject: No to M-103 and "Islamophobia Day in Canada"
Here is why I am against M-103 and proposals to create an Islamophobia Day in Canada:

  1. These efforts are being pushed by Islamists dressed up as MPs and other lobbyists with a vested interest in installing sharia law and in the Islamization of Canada.

  2. These same people want to create the impression that they are being violated by bigoted Canadians and I resent these lies being promoted by Canadian government against Canadian citizens because they bring out the worst in us through the widespread abuse of identity politics, virtue signaling and dividing us into racial and religious groups and then manipulating to gain votes.

  3. This process of appeasing and impressing Islamists has a sinister aspect. Look at what has become of Europe with no-go zones, ubiquitous terrorism, a rape crisis in many parts, antisemitism on the rise and Jewish people leaving because of the increase in terrorism, violence and murder in the name of Islam.

  4. Immigration policy must be done in a professional way with the good of the country in mind. Allowing people from terror-ridden parts of the world is risky and dangerous unless it is done slowly and with extensive screening. It is best to help people in place where they can return and will be needed to re-build their ravaged countries once the terror has subsided and war ended. Canada is being discriminatory by giving one group and especially one political-religious group an exclusive pass while making others wait in the queue.

  5. The propaganda and use of immigration to inundate and change the country is a social experiment that needs to brought to a quick end. Canada is successful because of the people and the values of our parents and grandparents. Worshiping and pandering to those whose values brought them to a point where their countries are being destroyed and millions killed and displaced is not a model we ought to be emulating nor should we respect and whitewash associated terrorist beliefs and values. They must adapt to the greatness that is Canada but we should not be adapting to the carnage that is Syria, Libya, Turkey, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PA, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.

  6. Creating a special day for the lie that Canadians are generally hateful and then criminalizing the free speech discussion of and criticism of the terrorism that is part and parcel of a preponderance of aspects related to the belief system in question is a way to guarantee more terrorism and fewer freedoms in Canada…and it will increase terrorism in Canada as we see in countries which have already gone too far down this same path.

Hamilton, Canada

G.G. - Hamilton, Canada

From: J.B.
Sent: March 20, 2018 2:50 PM
Cc: Guy Lauzon
Subject: NO National Day for Islamaphobia
I am writing today to say NO to a national day for Islamaphobia.  We have a National Day of Rememberance already.   It is November 11th - Rememberance Day.  It is a day to Honour our fallen in war and remember them each year at the 11th hour and the 11th day.  

Do not try to rush through another day that no-one wants and our country does not need!

Glengarry County, Ontario

J.B. - Glengarry County, Ontario

From: J.V.
Sent: March 27, 2018 7:21 AM
Subject: Please vote NO to M103 and "A Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia"
Dear Mr. Trudeau, Sirs and/or Madames,

I am writing this email as a very concerned Canadian to appeal to all your good sensibilities and moral compasses to reject both M103 on "Islamophobia" and the proposed January 9th - or any other date - for any 'version of' "A Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia".

Though the list I could offer for base reasoning is extremely extensive and fill your day with sadness and anger - specifically to your being intentionally lied specifically regarding Islam. I wish to simply state this as one that has lived, studied and traveled throughout the Arab/Muslim World (title speaks for itself) as well as actually read the Islamic texts, delved into Islamic theo-political jurisprudence and studied Islamic history - specifically as it relates to the kafir: YOU.  Why are there no non-Muslims living in Arabia today?  Why are there signs on the highway to Mecca telling all Kafir to exit so they are not allowed to visit - and dirty - Mecca?  Why are there no Churches or Synagogues in Arabia?  What is a 'Dhimmi'?  etc. etc. etc.

It is blindingly clear that anyone who agrees to M103 or any "Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia", have either never read the Islamic texts as to understand who Muhammad was, what Islam is or they are corrupt!

I say this bluntly due to the fact that Muhammad was a Jihadist who lead numerous Jihad campaigns of massacre, rape, theft, enslaving and subjugation - since the Nakhla Raids of 623 - of the Kafir: YOU and sanctioned many more.  That is how Islam spread from Asia to Spain with thousands of examples of "Crusades" against the "Harbis": non-subjugated Infidel: Kafir.

The Islamic texts sanction the murder, rape, beheading, crucifixion, deceiving of and plundering of the kafir: YOU!

PHOBIA = a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Knowing that Islam condones the plunder, deceit, theft, massacre, beheading, crucifixion, rape etc. of the kafir: YOU, is it a "Phobia" for the kafir: YOU to hold fear the spread of Islam?

With the aforementioned - factually correct truth - presented to you now, you bluntly see that even the title "Islamophobia" is an intentionally coined perversion of reality with highly corrupt base for an even more suspect - criminal - political agenda....

Please vote no and stand against M103 and any "Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia".

Thank you,

Truro, Nova Scotia

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." - George Orwell

J.V. - Truro, Nova Scotia
W.S. - Hamilton, Ontario

From: W.S.

Sent: Sat, 31 Mar 2018 16:49:34

To: undisclosed-recipients

Subject: Bill M-103 and the proposed "Islamophobia in Canada" day.


I am a Computer Science professor.  In the last ten years, out of 11 graduate students whom I have supervised to completion, seven were Muslim: three at the PhD level, four MSc.


I write to make it clear that I will not vote for any political party that supports either Bill M-103 or the "Islamophobia in Canada" day. Furthermore, I will advocate vigorously against those political parties.


"Islamophobia" is a portmanteau word that conveys no meaning.  It puts together "Islam" with "phobia", meaning irrational fear.  But this is nonsense. Obviously, in today's world, it is perfectly rational to fear Islam: Islamic terror groups abound, as do Islamic terrorist acts, around the world, and with increasing virulence and frequency since 9/11.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali says on page 3 of her 2015 book, "Heretic", that "Islam is not a religion of peace".  Having been raised a Muslim, and suffered genital mutilation as a child, she has cause to know.  As a critic of Islam, she requires round-the-clock protection from assassination attempts.


Islam is incompatible with democracy, it is a political movement as well as a system of religious thought: no civil authority can question or override Islamic law.  None of the 57 members of the Organization of Islamic States at the United Nations is a democracy, though a few make the pretense.


The first occurrence of the word "Islamophobia" that I am aware of is, ironically, in Ibn Warraq's 1995 book, "Why I am not a Muslim".


The word "Islamophobia" is not only meaningless, it is also subversive. It combines in a sloppy way two contrasting ideas: criticism of Islam, which in a free society is the right of all; and mistreatment of Muslims merely because of their beliefs, something that a civilized society should discourage and punish. Many Muslim leaders have publicly expressed the idea that criticism of Islam should be punished, and Bill M-103 is so incompetently written that this could in fact be a consequence: it could be used to curtail freedom of speech.


Yours sincerely,

W. S.

Hamilton, ON

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