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Written Submissions to the Heritage Committee

Major (Ret'd) Catherine Campbell

In this written submission to the Heritage Committee, Major (Ret’d) Catherine Campbell discusses the absurdity of the term “Islamophobia” and illustrates the dangers to society when due diligence with regard to Islamic radicalism is impeded by being labeled “Islamophobic.” 

I greatly fear that there has been a concerted effort by members of the Muslim Brotherhood network, to use disinformation, deliberately ambiguous terminology, e.g. “Islamophobia”, and, of course, claimed victimhood, to persuade members of this Committee that there is a need for additional legislation, government policy, guidelines or even programmes to “quell” the professed “increasing public climate of hate and fear”. To the extent that there is any increase in fear (and possibly hate), It is fear of radical Islam, not of individual Muslims and it is a rational fear, stemming from increased knowledge, not ignorance, about the roots of this radical Islamic ideology that poses a threat to all people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Secondly, it is ridiculous to imply that it is the job of Government to “quell” emotions, such as hate and fear. If hateful acts were to be performed, that would be the realm of Government, to protect people from violence; however one’s emotions are, and should remain private.  


I would like to share with you a link to an article about how Linda Sarsour convinced her willing stooges, the Mayor of New York and the police department, to stop police surveillance of extremist mosques, on the grounds that this was “Islamophobic” (such a useful word!). Fast forward to Oct 31, 2017, and guess which mosque the NYC terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, attended? Of course, we need to realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization with the same goal as the terrorists, but employing a very different methodology (e.g dissimulation, deceit and infiltration).


I would also ask you to read this article from today’s National Post, written by Ahmed Shah, a Muslim Canadian medical student from U of T.I think you will find it to be a welcome dose of clarity, an antidote to all the double-speak and twisted logic from the NCCM and others who are politically motivated. His commentary is not only a breath of fresh air, but a call to action for Canadian Muslims.

I ask the Committee to consider well the testimony you have heard and to come down on the right side of history - the side of all patriotic and freedom-loving Canadians, including Muslim Canadians, such as Raheel Raza, Tarek Fatah, Ahmed Shah, and the Silent Majority – not on the side of terrorists and MB apologists, political Islamists who falsely profess to speak for the Muslim Canadian community.


Major (Ret’d) Catherine Campbell, MASc, CD 

November 2, 2017

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