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C3RF Members Newsletter - August 2017

We invite you to turn your frustration into action by supporting our group – “Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms” (C3RF)!  C3RF does not believe the Government is correct in assuming that Canadians are bigoted!


  • We believe that your free speech rights are at stake, and that the  “government” solutions that will follow  M-103 will include legislation that will designate criticism of any Islamic doctrine, law and practices to be “hate speech”;

  • C3RF is a non-profit, grass-roots organization and has been vigorous in going to the public with petitions and letter-writing campaigns, as well as citizen visits with Members of Parliament to protest M-103;

  • C3RF actions have resonated with the Canadian public and initiated a genuine national debate that pushed M-103 off of its planned path of unanimous  consent  in the House of Commons;

  • We have grown from a few citizens to several thousand Canadians from coast-to-coast and now have plans to hold high profile, mass media public events that will force our political leaders to listen to their true masters – the citizens of Canada


Our plans are far-reaching and aggressive, but need your monetary support to succeed. Please consider supporting us - hit the “DONATE” button and Keep Canadian Speech Free!

Yours in speaking freely,


Major (Ret'd) Russ Cooper

Founding member, C3RF

When you think of Motion M-103, are you frustrated that…

  • your federal government has the gall to accuse Canada, your home, of harboring “systemic racism” – even as Canadians have willingly accepted ever-increasing numbers of immigrants, refugees, foreign workers and students, regardless of race, religion or point of origin;

  • your political leaders in Ottawa, the ones that you elect to power and give your hard-earned tax dollars to, believe that you have “religious discrimination” in your heart and that this discrimination is particular to Islam, manifests itself as “Islamophobia” and needs to be “quelled”;

  • “Islamophobia” remains purposely undefined.  As in other countries that have incorporated this ambiguous term into their “hate speech” laws, “quelling” Islamophobia will very likely require you to shut-up when it comes to all things associated with Islam – including Sharia Law.

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