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C3RF Members Newsletter - July 2017

1. Helping Us Grow:

Your thoughtful support in mentioning us to your friends has swelled our numbers from 400 to 4,000 in just eight weeks. Thank you.  Why not download one of our one page two sided folded pamphlets entitled What is M-103 and hand them out at your coffee klatches, social clubs, bulletin boards, or other meetings.  They are available in English and French, with Polish, Arabic and Mandarin texts soon to come. See

2. A National Awareness Conference:

Reserve the date. September 10, 2017 at a major performance centre in Toronto. 1:00 to 5:00 PM EST. Come to the program in Toronto or host a live feed program at your own local hall, house of prayer, community centre or meeting place.  Presentations, panels, and break-out sessions. No charge. Food and beverages can be purchased. Can't get to Toronto but want to join in -- organize and host a live feed or tape delayed event in your own community. Sign up to be a Conference Event Volunteer here: and learn more about the conference here:

3. C3RF- Social Media:

The mainstream media may be sleeping but we're planning to galvanize millennials. Come September, in time for Parliament to resume its sitting, we plan to release one 30-90 second high quality The Dangers of M-103 videos once every three days. Professionally scripted dynamite content. One senior and one young person as opinionated and clashing lead characters. Links to Twitter, Facebook and other social media.  Can you help us by donating to this project. And if you know how to crowdsource, that would be splendid.

4. Let's Bombard the Heritage Committee:

The Committee has recessed for the summer but is holding hearings on systemic racism in Canada and implementing M-103 government-wide-- read Sharia law. The Committee has not put us on its list of witnesses. C3RF is lobbying to change that. We're still submitting a brief. And if your group wants to see ours and share ideas, see the following:

5. C3RF - The DVD:

We're preparing a high quality, ten minute DVD of the C3RF presentation to the Heritage Committee of Parliament, complete with story-board/power point background (French subtitles), which will be sent to every MP (338 of them), every Senator, the mainstream Media and the ethnic papers on behalf of “We the people”.  We will also send a copy to American News Networks and the ethnic media in Canada.

Rise up and protect freedom of speech while we still can!  

Please help by donating any amount you can afford to assist us to finance these various projects. We promise your donation will be well spent.   




David Nitkin
Founding Member

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