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C3RF Members Newsletter - May 2017

You are receiving this newsletter as an update of what C3RF is doing and how you might get further involved. For fuller details, see our website or our Facebook Page.

1. The Canadian Public Is Arising From Slumber
Our group is purpose-built to combat M-103. Just two months old, we are growing at 30 new members a week. Motion M-103 (Islamophobia) has the potential to become the biggest citizens revolt since the Quebec Referendum. 800,000 Canadians signed petitions to MPs about it in just three months. Yet most Canadians still are not aware of the threat to Canadian laws and freedom of expression. Just before M-103 passed Parliament in April, only 12-14% of Canadians polled agreed it was a good idea. Talk to your friends. Ask them to join us. Have them ask to appear as a witness at the Standing Committee on Heritage. For info about us, see

2. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Heritage: the Canadian Heritage Committee
This Committee has 240 days to decide how to implement Motion M-103 government-wide and report back to Parliament. It has invited written applications for public inputs from individuals and groups. They have budgetted ten sessions in total before St Jean Baptiste Day, of which the three held thusfar have been "internal" sessions to decide how they'd meet and who they'd hear. The deadline for budget allocations for Committee travelling open-hearings is passed, but they could ask for an exemption to seek out inputs across Canada. The first "open" witness session in Ottawa will be before the end of this month. The Committee has 240 days but can actually consume more or less time on this assignment before reporting back to Parliament. For details on how to ask to appear, see

3. Education Seminars: Be a More Effective Spokesperson
C3RF is offering you free, high quality, online and toll free, interactive education seminars: one on Effective Lobbying (five have been offered to date: meeting your MP) and the other on Advocacy Effectiveness (two were offered this past week: presenting to the Heritage Committee). Each webinar is one hour. You can reserve your spot by choosing a course and registering with
C3RF Leaders: Loretta Levinson, Teresa Reinhart

4. Muslim Brotherhood: Know Thine Enemy
This is the radical group orchestrating this "Islamophobia" agenda. The MB is labelled as an Islamic terrorist group in many countries but not Canada. The MB is spending millions here this year to convince us that "fear of Islam" is irrational, crazy, bigotry, phobic, and deranged. But in a democracy, fear of Islamic teachings like wife beating, mut'ah marriage, stoning gays, honour killings, or forbidding renunciation of the Islamic faith isn't crazy. It's perfectly sane to rejecting "Islamophobia" in order to protect our laws and freedoms.

Canadian Muslims who have fled countries where Sharia law exists know it. "Islamophobia" prohibits criticism of Islam or the Prophet, They get it-- "Islamophobia" suppresses free speech. They have the most to fear from "Islamophobia" here. They know it's not synonymous with "anti-Muslim" or "anti-Jew". They ask, why would we allow Sharia law to replace Canadian laws, as is happening in Europe? The MB and its supporters came within a whisker of having Sharia law implemented in Ontario in 2005. For how to torpedo Islamophobia and the MB, see

5. Islamophobia? GET REAL! Contest
Do you have your own personal story of what suppression of speech and expression will mean to you? Or of how an accusation of Islamophobia or the fear of one has silenced free speech? Want all MPs and the Standing Committee to see it? Want your ideas posted for all Canadians to see on the C3RF web-site? Share it with us and win a prize if your e-mail or video is chosen the best entry in one of four categories.
C3RF Leaders: Russ Cooper, Debbie Rose, Madeline Weld

Do check out our spectacular web site for much more-- advocacy, networking, a Monthly Newsletter, and more.

David Nitkin
Founding Member

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