New Study Finds Muslims & Leftists Responsible For Vast Majority of Anti-Semitic Hate Crime

Figures bust myth that “right-wingers” are the biggest hate crime threat While one could argue that concerns about an near-epidemic of “Islamophobia” are being stoked in Canada (with Motion M-103 and speakers at educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, for example), the actual data indicate that only a minority of hate crimes target Muslims, and that Jews (although a much smaller part of the overall population of Western countries than Muslims) are the primary target. A recent study in Norway ( confirms that the primary perpetrators of anti-Jewish

Christine Douglass-Williams: unjustly targeted by Canada’s “Islamophobia” agenda

To citizens, friends and commentators to Jihad Watch: I sincerely thank those of you who have supported me in the unjust targeting of my personal writings for Jihad Watch, which I have written in my pursuit of human rights for all, justice for all, and the expectation of the pursuit of tolerance from all. Many of you called my being targeted downright “inflammatory.” I was impressed with the Canadian Press’s fairness, in the determination of its reporter and editor to get my view in, despite my taking issue with the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Amira Elghawaby, being quoted, as I explain in this article. This was my full statement submitted to the Canadian Press, as I gave my permis

Canadian government appointee Christine Douglass-Williams under fire for writing for Jihad Watch

Christine Douglass-Williams Leftists frequently present the statements of those they oppose without even attempting any refutation. They either assume that they’re self-evidently false, or think that even if they’re true, not positions that people who want to be accepted by the establishment elites are allowed to hold. So it is here: Melanie Joly is apparently concerned about the statement from Jihad Watch writer Christine Douglass-Williams below about deceptive Islamic supremacists, but neither Joly nor anyone else offers any evidence for why it is wrong or hateful. Are there actually Muslims who posture as moderate when they actually aren’t? Consider the imam Fawaz Damra was known in the

Free Speech Must Be Defended, Especially When It’s Controversial

The whole point of freedom of speech is to stop politicians from controlling what we can or cannot say. The increasing attention and discussion of neo-nazi’s and white supremacists is deeply disturbing. As a mixed-race person, I’m well aware that many in those vile groups don’t even think I should exist, considering their opposition to interracial marriage. While I am not someone who defines myself by a racial identity, it is simply a fact that there are some who wouldn’t see past that identity. With all of that in mind, the move by some people to use the latest violence and hate as an excuse for restricting free speech is a huge mistake. The entire point of freedom of speech is to defend al

The Daily Wire - BEND THE KNEE FOR ISLAM: Democrats Push ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Bill. Republicans Stall

U.S. civil and criminal laws protect Muslims and non-Muslims equally, despite what grievance-mongers may claim. Republicans are stalling an “anti-Islamophobia bill introduced by Representative Don Beyer (D-VA). The bill, inappropriately titled The Freedom of Religion Act of 2017 (HR 852), is framed as a pushback against President Trump’s so-called “Muslim-ban.” Failing to acknowledge that the president’s temporary travel ban restricts travel from just seven Muslim-majority countries deemed to be terrorist havens by the Obama administration, the activist piece of legislation aims to curb the executive branch’s ability to regulate federal immigration policy. The bill posits that “an alien ma

VIDEO: City of Calgary Violates Charter By Revoking Permit for the “Say NO to Hate and Racism Festiv

Mr. Stephen Garvey, Leader and Founder of the National Advancement Party of Canada addresses the media in regard to the City of Calgary violation of the Canadian Charter. A transcript of the official response by Stephen Garvey can be found underneath the video below: City of Calgary Violates Charter Thank you to everyone for joining us here today. The City of Calgary has overstepped its authority by using the parks permit system to deny selectively the freedom to assemble as a public gathering and the exercise of free speech. The City of Calgary is in violation of the Canadian Charter, Section 2 Fundamental Freedoms: the constitutional freedom to peacefully assemble, freedom of express

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