Idaho: “anti-Sharia” bill passes, with just 2 ‘no’ votes

Editor's Note: Rather than passing Motion M-103, as they did in March, 2017, Canada’s lawmakers would do well to follow the lead of Idaho, the latest US state to pass an “American Laws for American Courts” bill, which declares void any ruling by a court that relies “in whole or in part on any foreign law” that doesn’t match the US or Idaho’s protections for due process, freedom of religion, speech, press, privacy or marriage. Of course the bill is “Islamophobic,” because it in essence forbids sharia law. The House State Affairs Committee hears testimony on HB 419, Rep. Eric Redman's anti-Sharia law bill, at a hearing on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 at the Idaho state Capitol. The committee app

Trudeau Exposed: A Leader Who Embraces Islamic Supremacists and Khalistani Terrorists

Editor's Note: Christine Douglass-Williams documents the lengths to which Prime Minister Trudeau is willing to go to curry favour with – and win the votes of –Canada’s ethnic minorities. Opponents of Motion M-103 were concerned about its potential to stifle free speech through the deliberate conflation of criticism of Islam and the promotion of hatred toward Muslims in the term “Islamophobia.” Motion M-103, which received the support of every Liberal MP, and petition e-411 (Islam), the petition on which it was based, were both advanced by people with links to Islamist organizations. In this article, Douglass-Williams lists other questionable associations of Trudeau, not least the invitati

Is there a terrorist out there that Justin Trudeau doesn’t like?

Editor's Note: Just as the passage of Motion M-103 by the Liberal majority government is considered by many to be an attempt to win the Muslim vote without regard to its potential impact on free speech, Prime Minister Trudeau’s association with a convicted Sikh terrorist also seems to have political motives. In his quest to win the political support of Canada’s ethnic and religious minorities – even at the expense of Canada’s interests, Trudeau appears to be willing to support any agenda and associate with any person. Justin Trudeau’s family vacation to India turned from a national embarrassment to an international incident when Jaspal Atwal, a former member of the International Sikh Youth F

Europe: The Rapid Spread of Dhimmitude

Editor's Note: Judith Bergman describes the “rapid spread of dhimmitude” in Europe as authorities use “hate speech” laws to prohibit criticism of Islam and enforce Islamic blasphemy laws. The Canadian MPs who passed Motion M-103 seem determined to follow in Europe’s footsteps. One of the most troubling aspects of this rapidly spreading dhimmitude, is the de-facto enforcement of Islamic blasphemy laws. Local European authorities have been utilizing "hate speech" laws to prohibit criticism of Islam, even though Islam represents an idea, not a nationality or an ethnicity. The conventional purpose of most hate-speech laws is to protect people from hatred, not ideas. The British Foreign Office, w

UK: Muslim rape gang sex crimes against children at “record high”

Editor's Note: Christine Douglass-Williams reports that in the UK, Muslim rape gang sex crimes against children are at a record high. She describes how the fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia allowed Muslim rape gangs in Britain to abuse young girls unhindered by the authorities. One Labour MP, Naz Shah, even retweeted to the abused girls to “shut up for the good of diversity.” "Averaging at 177 cases a day, child sex crime allegations including rape and grooming are at a record high in the UK" One would think that these sickening crimes against children would have ended by now, given the scandal over their having been covered up. Not so when the crimes are perpetrated by an extr

History Lessons from Years Under Islamism

Editor's Note: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, a member of the “burnt generation,” the first generation after Islamists came to power in Iran, describes how they came to power stealthily, deceitfully, and incrementally, and then ruled ruthlessly. He warns against the “it can’t happen here” mentality. Proponents of Motion M-103 should take note. My father's generation in Iran lived in an environment in which the Islamist party of the country's clergy cunningly depicted themselves as intending no harm, supportive of the people, and not interested in power. So, before the revolution, many Iranians did not think that Khomeini's party would be committing the atrocities that they are committing now or that t

Islamic Anti-Semitism in France: Toward Ethnic Cleansing

Editor's Note: As Guy Milllière reports about France, anti-Semitism has flourished as criticism of Islam has been silenced. No religion or ideology deserves protection from criticism. “Islamophobia” must be recognized as the weapon word that it is and Motion M-103 and the report it generated for the danger they present to free speech in Canada. Graffiti on Jewish-owned homes warn the owners to "flee immediately" if they want to live. Anonymous letters with live bullets are dropped into mailboxes of Jews. Laws meant to punish anti-Semitic threats are now used to punish those who denounce the threats. A new edition of a public school history textbook for the eighth grade states that in France

European Officials: Apologists for Arab-Islamic Repression, Terrorism

Editor's Note: Giulio Meotti describes European and Vatican appeasement of Islamism, to the point of condoning if not endorsing anti-Semitism. Some fear that the “anti-Islamophobia” motion, Motion M-103 and the recently released report of the Heritage Committee, with its condemnation of “Islamophobia,” which lacks a clear definition in the Canadian context, appears to be turning Canada in the same direction. European officials have been not only mute about the Iranian regime's attacks on its own people. They have also been missing "a robust defense of Western values", now under attack in Iran: freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, separation of religion and state, judicial due process

New “Islamophobia” report contains “hate crimes” faked by Muslims as if they really happened

Editor's Note: Robert Spencer raises a very pertinent question about the reporting of hate crimes, as mandated by Motion M-103 and the Heritage Committee’s report. So many “Islamophobic” incidents are being revealed as hoaxes and yet still used to create a panic about rampant “Islamophobia.” The term “Islamophobia” should be scrapped and Motion M-103 rescinded. Then we hear that “anti-Muslim hate incidents” have increased, when really only the chutzpah and dishonesty of those compiling these reports has increased. “Fact Checking the New Islamophobia Inflation Hoax Report,” by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, February 13, 2018: "Yasmin Seweid, a Muslim college student, claimed that Trump supp

VIDEO: Glazov Gang - Sharia Survivor Schools Islam-Apologist

Editor's Note: On the program The Glazov Gang, member of the audience takes offence with Anni Cyrus for discussing her experience of living under Sharia law. He confuses a discussion of the facts with the promotion of hatred. This is the sort of confusion that the term “Islamophobia” can lead to and why Parliament’s passing of Motion M-103 was so misguided. On this new edition of The Glazov Gang, Anni Cyrus is featured in the act of Schooling an Islam-Apologist. The scene occurred on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, at the Henry Monsky Lodge of B’nai B’rith in Omaha, Nebraska, where Anni was giving a talk about Sharia — and how she survived it. At the end of the talk, a leftist by the name of “Stev

INTERVIEW - Muslim leader urges Macron not to meddle too much in French Islam

Editor's Note: As Julie Carriat reports, a leading representative of Islam in France, Ahmet Ogras, warned French President Emmanuel Macron not to meddle with Islam, after Macron said he would try to redefine relations between Islam and the state. Islamic militants have killed 230 people in France since 230. Canada should be wary of giving Islam special status, which the term “Islamophobia” in Motion M-103 does. Ahmet Ogras says religion can take care of its own affairs Macron looking at changes in way Islam organised in France Under pressure to deal firmly with radical preachers PARIS - A leading representative of French Muslims urged Emmanuel Macron not to meddle in the organisation of Fran

The Danger of Political Islam in Canada

Tom Quiggin’s new book, SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islam to Canada, is a must-read for all Canadians concerned with our government’s approach to Islamization. In it, he and his co-authors detail the frightening pervasiveness of political Islamist groups in Canada and Justin Trudeau's near-perfect record of support for them. Considering Muslim Brotherhood affiliates are already being consulted on federal and provincial policy as well as our educational curriculums, the time for action is now! Here in this interview with TagTV, Tom Quiggin and Tahir Gora discuss the growing threats from Islamization and the politicians willfully blind to it. The interview is 30 minutes long, but if

‘Islamophobia’ Report: Response from the Canadian Muslim Forum and Canadians for Justice and Peace i

Editor's Note: Kady O’Malley reports in iPolitics that the Canadian Muslim Forum and Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East do not think that the recommendations in the Heritage Committee’s report go far enough. The President of the CMF is Samer Majzoub, who launched petition e-411 on which Motion M-103 is based. In the wake of last week’s release of that much-anticipated House committee report on ‘Islamophobia’ and other forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination, the Canadian Muslim Forum and Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East will release the results of a new survey that, according to the advisory, “indicate that prompt and concrete action on Islamo

FATAH: As MPs look for Islamophobia, mosques continue promoting intolerance

Editor's Note: Toronto journalist Tarek Fatah points out that instead of looking for Islamophobia, the MPs of the Heritage Committee could hear real hatred – directed at non-Muslims— in the daily prayers of mosques across Canada. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid is welcomed by her colleagues as she arrives to make an announcement about an anti-Islamophobia motion on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017. Reading the much-awaited report by the Parliamentary Committee on Canadian Heritage on Islamophobia in Canada, it seemed to me I had been talking to a brick wall on Sept. 20 when I made a presentation to the Liberal Party-dominated group. Addressing the disinterested MPs, I dismissed

VIDEO: Vancouver Rally Against Trudeau About The Hijab Hoax on February 4, 2018

A large crowd of primarily Chinese-Canadians takes PM Trudeau to task for his part in Hijab Hoax. They wonder why he has not apologized for jumping the gun and assuming the worst about the Chinese community when a young Muslim girl falsely claimed an attack on her hijab. Why is he so biased towards one community over another?

FUREY: M103 report makes Canada look like cesspool of intolerance

Editor's Note: Anthony Furey examines the Heritage Committee’s report arising from Motion M-103, and convincingly argues that it was all a giant waste of time and money and that the whole premise of Motion M-103, that Canada is, in Furey’s words, “a cesspool of intolerance,” is bogus. It raises the question of whether the Liberal party, which forced the passage of M-103, is pandering to a certain segment of the population. Protesters rally over motion M-103, the Liberal anti-Islamophobia motion, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on March 21, 2017. Ignore the M103 committee report at your peril. Sure, it’s over one hundred pages of mostly dull bureaucratic jargon. And it largely doesn’t live up to

Danish minister: We have lost and have been silenced by Islam and its fundamentalist followers

Editor's Note: The Voice of Europe reports that the Danish minister of immigration and integration said in an article that Danes have “lost” and been “silenced” by Islam and its fundamentalist followers. Silencing is exactly what opponents of Motion M-103 think it is intended to do. Inger Støjberg, the Danish minister of immigration and integration, said in an article for newspaper BT and in a Facebook post, that the Danes have “lost” and have been “silenced” by Islam and its fundamentalist followers. Titled “The Sad Truth About Islam” in Danish, the article starts with talking about a new play that had its premiere on January 25 in Copenhagen. The play, named “The Book of Mormon”, in the wo

All aTwitter about Islamophobia

While Omar Algabra, who supported the push for sharia law in Ontario in 2004-2005, claims that “Islamophobia” is the manifestation of hate, ignorance and fear: Tarek Fatah counters that the word was created by Islamists to silence criticism of Islam: C3RF fears that Motion M-103 could take us disturbingly close to the silencing of free speech that Fatah fears. Tarek Fatah calls attention to the prayers at mosques in Canada, where Islamic clerics spread hatred and contempt for Christians and Jews. Yet they think the problem is Islamophobia. If there is “Islamophobia” in Canada, perhaps Islamic leaders as well as the government of Canada, both of whom promote Motion M-103, should consider

VIDEO: Christine Douglass-Williams Talks Political Islam

Jill Colton interviews Christine Douglass-Williams, who has written critically about Islam. This may be why the government removed her from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation under pressure from the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Douglass-Williams describes the infiltration of political Islam, often in the guise of “anti-racism” into Canada’s government and institutions. Could that be behind Motion M-103? Iqra Khalid, the Liberal MP who tabled Motion M-103, is the former president of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association at York University.

Canada’s Submission to Sharia Law

Editor's Note: In this article on “Canada’s submission to Sharia law,” Mufti Aasim Rashid says in a video that the Canadian government wants to bring Sharia law to Canada. Is the Mufti right? With its majority in Parliament, the Liberal party forced the passage of Motion M-103 which condemns “Islamophobia,” a weaponized and controversial term. Prime Minister Trudeau asserts that “Islam is not incompatible with Western secular democracy,” but it seems to some Canadians that Trudeau wants our democracy to adapt itself to Islam. Mufti Aasim Rashid Canada does not need special Sharia courts. In October 2017, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith has already ruled in favor Sharia law. The

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