Bill C-16 now endangers your Charter Rights to freedom of conscience

Your Charter Rights are under attack again! This time from an absurd case at the Human Rights Tribunal in B.C. that puts your right to freedom of conscience in serious jeopardy. In a case that defies even the worst expectations of critics of Bill C-16 – intended to protect Transgender rights - a woman is being put before the Human Rights Tribunals for refusing to handle a stranger’s penis in front of her young daughter! In this article by Barbara Kay, the incredible story of the current application of Bill C-16 will shock you. Click here to view the article The fact that this case even made it to trial is already a massive affront to Canadian civil liberties. Soon, if we do nothing, it

What Was M-103 Really About; Islamophobia or a Money Grab for Radical Islamic Groups?

Editor's Note: That’s the very valid question that Geoffrey Clarfield asks in this article. Clarfield then goes on to analyze how the money that has been given to what some would call Islamist groups can – and likely will – result in the stifling of free speech in Canada. The question Canadians should be asking is why their government is doing this to them. A petition urging the Canadian government to take action in regards to ISIS returnees in Canada. This week Canadians were stunned to hear that after the near unanimous passing of Motion 103 on Islamophobia in the Canadian parliament last March, the government has decided to use this “non-binding motion” as a reason to give 23 million doll

VIDEO: Robert Spencer - Muslim Spokesman Admits The Real Cause Of “Islamophobia

Editor's Note: Well, who’da thunk it? The reason some people have negative views about Islam is because of the horrific things that some Muslims do in the name of Islam. Oh, sorry, is that Islamophobic? Well, it seems that even Corey Saylor, Managing Director of Security and Rights at Rethink Media and former Director at the Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), understands that jihadists who kill in the name of Allah contribute to Islamophobia. Listen to Robert Spencer discuss what Corey Saylor said in this 5+-minute video. Shouldn’t this reveal the true purpose of the “Islamophobia” narrative – that is, to let Islamist groups ope

Canada is Funding and Supporting Terrorism Front Groups with Taxpayers' Money

Editor's Note: In this article, Tom Quiggin questions not only the government’s decision to disburse $23 million to fight “Islamophobia” in the context of Motion M-103, but also the fact that a significant amount of that money will go to the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and Islamic Relief. NCCM was founded as CAIR-CAN, a branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Islamic Relief Canada is a branch of Islamic Relief Worldwide. Read Quiggin’s article for details on the links of the parent organizations of these two recipients of government largesse to the Muslim Brotherhood and terror groups. Quiggin also notes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau considers it

Islamist Groups to Receive Canadian 'Multiculturalism' Funds

Editor's Note: Tarek Fatah notes that Iqra Khalid never responded to either of his requests for information on how much of the $23 million that the Liberal government will disburse in the context of Motion M-103 will go to deradicalize the mosques across Canada where the denigration of Christians and Jews takes place every day. And none apparently will go to Muslim groups critical of jihad, polygamy, FGM, and sharia. Khalid made her announcement without fanfare to an audience of a few dozen people, mostly Muslims of Pakistani descent. Given that –according to Motion M-103 – systemic racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia, is such a huge problem in Canada (requiring $23 m

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