C3RF Member Update - 28 September, 2018

Clean-up from 21 Sep, 2018 update First off, I have to acknowledge a "bad" in last week's reference to one of the agencies C3RF coordinated with in Shelah Poyer's battle against the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Recall Shelah was taken to task for daring to refuse a trans-woman, with male genitalia, a "manzilla". That organization was the Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government (CC4RG), not Concerned Citizens for Responsible Government as I stated. My apologies and here's a link to the CC4RG web site. Last week's update generated comment on the "bestiality" tweet I used to highlight judicial activism within the Canadian system of jurisprudence. The commentator noted that the actual award d

Why Can't I Criticize My Religion?

Editor's Note: Majid Rafizadeh asks the perfectly reasonable question of why he should not be free to criticize his religion, Islam, when Jews and Christians are free to criticize theirs. Mr. Rafizadeh grew up in Muslim-majority countries and saw firsthand how sharia law and Islamist rule suppressed the people it governed. Where but in the West could those practices be criticized? Yet under pressure from Islamists and Leftists in the West, critics and would-be reformers such as Rafizadeh, and anyone else who writes critically about Islam, are labelled “Islamophobes.” It is this misguided thinking that led Parliament to pass Motion M-103 that condemns “Islamophobia” and enables radicals whil

Why the surge in gender dysphoria among teenage girls?

Editor's Note: Reflecting the trend of silencing anything that contradicts the progressive narrative, the research by doctor Lisa Littman at Brown University on the phenomenon of an increasing number of trans-male (female to male) adolescents has been attacked on social media and repudiated by her university. According to Dr Littman’s research, what she calls “rapid onset gender dysphoria” (ROGD) is spread by social and peer contagion, with a significant proportion of girls in the same friendship group identifying as transgender. Many of the affected girls showed no sign of childhood gender dysphoria but do suffer from mental illness. According to University of Toronto psychiatry professor R

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