C3RF Member Update - 26 October, 2018

Note: Writing Challenge and Sample Letter Below! Your participation is working – political parties begin to engage on the Global Compact on Migration! Two federal political parties have entered the debate on the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Recall that this Compact, to be signed in December by Canada, calls for national controls over borders and migration to be subservient to the “pre-eminence” of international law. Much more than this, though, is its requirement to control speech so that criticism of such mass migration policies and the political outlooks of migrants be “eliminated” – even if it takes the defunding of errant media outlets. The Compact is truly an i

C3RF Member Update - 19 October, 2018

NOTE: Writing Challenge and Sample Letters below! What happened to "open, transparent, and fair" government? Remember our current government running on a 2015 platform of “open, fair and transparent” operations? That seems like another age when we consider the end-runs that this same government has tried to affect on John Q Public. First there was Motion M-103 and its stealthy insistence on locking-in the term “Islamophobia” into Canada’s legislative lexicon. Mattered not that regular Canadian folk were fearful that such a move would open the door to special treatment for Islam and its own laws and ideology. Now, as reported last week, we are faced with a very quiet December signing of the U

Is The #MeToo Movement Serving As A Tool For Political Islam At McGill?

Editor's Note: As reported by Barbara Kay, Assistant Professor Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim had an impressive research record, was an extremely popular teacher, and also scored high for “service.” But Dr. Ibrahim’s strengths may lead to his being denied tenure at McGill University. His objective method of teaching offended Muslim student Sarah Abdelshamy, who couldn’t deal with his saying things like “ISIS didn’t invent any Koranic verses or hadiths.” This implied, Abdelshamy said, that Islam is compatible with terrorism. Naturally, she accused the professor of Islamophobia. When those accusations didn’t get much traction, accusations of sexual harassment against Dr. Ibrahim popped up. The report of


Editor's Note: Tom Quiggin is a former military intelligence officer and current court-qualified expert on terrorism. He has created a meticulous and extremely credible body of research that reaches deep into the world of scams that use Canadian taxpayer money to both directly and indirectly finance terrorist operations. His work is chilling as he alleges that such operations have proceeded beyond private manipulation to include support from Government of Canada agencies and personalities. The allegations are truly monumental and speak not only to the fraudulent use of taxpayer funds but also to the compromising of national security Accordingly, Mr. Quiggin has petitioned the RCMP to investi

C3RF Member Update - 12 October, 2018

M-103 on Steroids – The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration Here we thought Motion M-103 was a real and present danger to our Charter Rights. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration stands to do so on an unprecedented scale as host populations are prepped to better accept a massive migrant influx. These preparations include the need to “eliminate all forms of discrimination, including racism, xenophobia and intolerance against migrants and their families”. Does this sound like M-103’s call to “quell” a “rising tide of hate and fear” to you? All this even as the Compact calls for the transfer of wealth to countries of migrant origin, the expenditure of ad

C3RF Member Update - 05 October, 2018

“M-103 and the Battle for the Soul of Canada” This past weekend I had the great honour of addressing a combined meeting of the leadership of the Ontario division of the Christian Heritage Party (CHP). The CHP is a national political party that dedicates itself to the application of Judeo-Christian principles to a comprehensive set of national policies. My keynote speech was entitled, “Motion M-103 and the Battle for the Soul of Canada”. The discussion included an M-103 “scorecard” that detailed wins and losses for the Motion’s sponsoring Liberal Party and opposing Canadians concerned with the preservation of their fundamental Charter Rights and Freedoms. It was interesting to note that the “

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