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C3RF Member Update - 30 November, 2018

The Global Compact on Migration – why fight? We have been writing fairly extensively in these pages on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and this has been for good cause. After all, the Compact stands to irrevocably alter the manner in which all signed-up nations organize their immigration processes as sovereign control is relinquished in favour of internationally coordinated measures. Why is C3RF in the thick of this fight? It’s in it because the accommodation of the needs and sensibilities of newcomers to Canada, as detailed by the Compact itself, can only come with the diminishment of the individual, fundamental Charter Rights of Canadians. Rights that, until now,

VIDEO: Marcel de Graaff - "Countries who import the third world will become the third world”

Editor’s Note: In this 4.5-minute speech, Dutch co-chair of the European Parliament, Marcel de Graaff, outlines the risks posed by the United Nation’s Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. He expresses particular concern about how criticism of the Compact – and of the essentially open migration it would allow – could be construed as hate speech. Canada is not only proposing to sign the Compact when the UN meets in Marrakesh on December 10–11, it is leading the charge. Bear in mind that shortly after he was elected as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau referred to Canada as the “first postnational state.” Would a postnational state be concerned about secure borders? The Trudeau

C3RF Member Update - 22 November, 2018

NOTE: article, video, tweet distribution and letter-writing challenge below! Resistance grows – Global Compact on Migration It was just over a month ago that the prospect of a Canadian signature on next month’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was raised on these pages. At the time, the Land had no idea of just how big the cow flop was that it was about to step on. Indeed, it didn’t even know a cow flop was just ahead. That is all changing now as your participation, in petitions, letter writing campaigns and calls to your MPs, have shaken the nation into realizing that an “international M-103 on steroids” is upon them. Problem is, this “M-103” will not just “quell” your

C3RF Member Update - 16 November, 2018

NOTE: Writing Challenge below! Time for you to take another bow The “C3RF nation” has once again proven itself to be an effective voice in preserving the individual Charter Rights of Canadians. This time it was your active participation in the C3RF “call your banker” initiative that pushed back on an incredibly intrusive Statistics Canada “data-grab”. Recall that StatsCan was about to abscond with the personal financial transactions of 500,000 Canadians - per year. Many of you contacted your bank managers with some even alluding to the possibility of taking legal action based on your Charter right to be free from “unreasonable search and seizure”. Banks received your messages loud and clear

C3RF Member Update - 9 November, 2018

NOTE: Writing Challenge below! So many dots – attack on freedom of speech (Charter section 2) Just under two years ago now, C3RF was formed to fight a singular attack on a singular Charter Right. The attack was that posed by Motion M-103 and the right that it threatened was the fundamental Canadian right of free speech. The threat came in the form of a false, “Islamophobia” narrative that conflated the term with a form of “religious discrimination” - along the lines of “antisemitism”. This, of course, was never the case. In effect, the ambiguous term was meant to provide cover for an enterprise that would punish criticism of the ideas bound up in Islam and manifested through sharia law. One

C3RF Member Update - 2 November, 2018

Note: “Call your banker” initiative detailed below! Attacks on your rights growing and accelerating I must say, when I began writing these weekly updates for C3RF members way back on 14 Sep, 2018 I thought I might be hard-pressed to come up with enough information to make a regular go of it. Fact is, the attacks on your Charter Rights and Freedoms are coming so fast and furious that it is hard to keep up with them. Islamophobia does curtail free speech Casting back to the origins of the C3RF in the early days of Motion M-103, recall that “Islamophobia” and its impact on free speech was a singular issue. It was billed as just another form of “religious discrimination” – like “antisemitism”. T

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