C3RF Member Update - 21 December, 2018

Note: Petitions to be signed below! C3RF in 2018 - a busy year in review It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and miss the forest for the trees. I found myself thinking this as I cast my mind back over the past year of C3RF activities. It has been a remarkable year with C3RF acting on several fronts to preserve the birthright of each and every Canadian – their individual and fundamental Charter Rights and Freedoms. C3RF successes have been many and are especially noteworthy. This, as they have taken place in an environment characterized by opposition from both high-level national and global authorities. Let’s take a look. Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage tables its M-10

C3RF Member Update - 14 December, 2018

Note: Petitions to sign below! C3RF members – take a bow! All C3RF members who participated in signing petitions, writing letters and attending rallies dedicated to taking Canada out of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration need to take a bow. True, misguided Canadian officials did sign the Compact this week but they did not do so as silently as they wished. Indeed, your efforts have brought the Compact and its signing to national attention. Canadians across the land are now aware of the Agreement’s globalist objectives and the potential for the loss of Canadian sovereignty and individual rights. Additionally and most importantly, the Official Opposition has decided to w

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