C3RF Member Update - 22 February, 2019

Note! Consider joining our friends at CFTRL for their 17 March, 2019 "Teach-In" Reward your friends, punish your enemies and stay in power Last week’s “update” postulated the existence of a definitive pattern that underpinned all operations executed by the current Government of Canada. It was simple enough and could be summarized as; reward your friends, punish your enemies and stay in power. This pattern was in full view this past week as the SNC-Lavalin scandal and the “United We Roll” convoy came together in the Nation’s capital. If there ever were two examples of the divergent treatment afforded to this government’s friends and foes, they were in full contrast with the too-big-to-fail, L

C3RF Member Update - 15 February, 2019

NOTE: Consider joining our friends at CFTRL for their 17 March, 2019 "Teach-In" Does the Canadian Charter guarantee "equality before the law"? In days past this question would never have even been asked, let alone raised in polite Canadian conversation. That’s all changed now that our own government finds itself embroiled in allegations of political interference in the case of a high-flying, too-big-to-fail Canadian company. The allegations take on a particularly shady hue when the company in question, SNC-Lavalin, is on record as having illegally funnelled more than $100,000 into the coffers of the Liberal Party of Canada. Even more than this, the same Liberal Party surreptitiously used the

When Will the World's Largest Sunni Religious Institution Disavow Colonization?

Editor's Note: In this article, Saied Shoaaib examines the divergent attitudes toward past colonialism and conquest by the Western and Islamic worlds. While the West is apologetic for past invasions, and even for the Crusades, which were a reaction to the conquest of Christian lands by Muslims, the head of the world’s most prestigious Sunni institution, al-Azhar, is not only unapologetic for Islamic invasions or even atrocities committed in the name of Islam, he offers Andalusia, that is Muslim-conquered Spain, as a model of peaceful coexistence. “Building bridges” seems to be a one-way street toward the supremacy of Islam. It is difficult to find today Christian clergy proud of their colon

C3RF Member Update - 08 February, 2019

Note: Petition to consider and sign below The battle for the voice of Canada Recall that last week’s update noted that the “threats to fundamental, Canadian Charter rights are coming fast and from multiple directions”. No sooner was this worrisome trend noted than we witnessed three related attacks in quick succession. The first was launched against Premier Legault of Quebec while the second and third were aimed at the Deputy Mayor of Gatineau, Quebec and an everyday City of Ottawa citizen respectively. Their crimes? The first two personalities had the temerity to question the concept of “Islamophobia” and the institution of a special day to commemorate it. The third had the chutzpah to volu

C3RF Member Update - 01 February, 2019

Note! Petitions to consider and sign below plus Yellow Vest rally info No "Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia this year? Another 29 January has come and gone with the country, once again, dodging the instatement of a national "Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia". Escaping such a day of atonement was certainly no sure thing. The lobbying effort to put it in place was both sustained and intense. Once considered a “slam dunk”, by virtue of its inclusion as a dedicated recommendation in the Heritage Committee’s “M-103” Report, it hit a bump-in-the-road this year and fell off the turnip truck. There is good reason to believe that the “bump” was provided by folks like you. Fo

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