C3RF Member Update - 29 March, 2019

Note: Letter-writing campaign instructions included below Note: Instructions to consider and sign petition below New Zealand and a cynical political calculus Recall that last week’s “update” wondered if the New Zealand atrocity was being co-opted by a “political calculus”. A cynical calculus intent on leveraging the outpouring of shock and sympathy to advance political objectives at the expense of suffering victims and coherent efforts to address the root causes of the massacre. Well, it seems this supposition was correct. This, as certain entities have been quick off the mark to assign blame and propose solutions without so much as a wink and a nod to facts and evidence that have yet to

After the New Zealand mosque attacks, pointing fingers of blame

Editor's Note: Melanie Phillips’ article on the reactions to the Christchurch mosque attack provides yet more evidence, as if such were needed, that progressivism has moved from the absurd into the surreal. At a vigil in New York for the victims of the attack, Chelsea Clinton was accused of being responsible for the killings “because of the rhetoric you put out there,” in the words of a Muslim student. Clinton had responded critically to tweets by Rep. Ilhan Omar that suggested that pro-Israel groups were pushing congressmen to pledge allegiance to Israel. Apparently, Clinton can share the blame with many others, including Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and – naturally – Donald Trum

C3RF Member Update - 22 March, 2019

A sad day in New Zealand By the end of Friday, 15 March, 2019, New Zealand would be dealing with the largest mass murder in the country’s modern history. The unprecedented evil is alleged to have been perpetrated by 28-year-old Australian, Brenton Tarrant. His well-planned attacks saw him execute a shooting spree that encompassed both Christchurch’s Al Noor and Linwood mosques killing 50 and injuring dozens more. This mass killing of innocent Muslims at prayer is an incomprehensible evil and the victims, their families and their communities have the prayers of the thousands of C3RF members that represent every religion and ethnicity to be found within Canada. We wish the Muslims of Christchu

New Zealand Attacks: Repercussions And Perspective

Editor's Note: In this article, Srdja Trifkovic compares the media coverage and political response to the recent attack on two mosques in Christchurch, which left 50 people dead, with the coverage and response to deadly attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims. The 2017 Palm Sunday church bombings in Alexandria, Egypt, killed 45 people but received minimal coverage and were ignored by Western politicians. The bombing in January this year of a Catholic church in the primarily Muslim region of Mindenao in the Philippines also received little attention, although it killed 20 people and injured 81. At least 4305 Christians were murdered for their faith in Muslim countries in 2018. Attacks by Muslims ha

C3RF Member Update - 15 March, 2019

C3RF throws Op-Ed "hail Mary" Every now and then I’ll launch a “hail Mary” downfield hoping the mainstream media sees fit to make a catch. These pieces of correspondence are inevitably dropped as they tend to rail against the social and political pieties of the day. They seek to debate issues that are generally “settled” facts or science and risk charges of one “phobia” or another. Indeed, it might be easier for me to put socks on a rooster than get one of my missives published in the MSM. I keep trying, though, as I’m an eternal optimist and remain buoyed by the fact that, no matter how many times I am rejected, I can still get my insubordinate tirades out to you – fellow travellers in

C3RF Member Update - 08 March, 2019

Note! Reference to "Media Action Group" letter-writing campaign below The "imposter" is clobbered for a one-two-three combination Oh my, how the mighty have fallen! Our once “woke” and sophisticated Prime Minister, the one who promised “transparency” and “sunny ways”, has been dumped by his own sycophantic, main-stream media. How else to explain a recent Maclean’s article that pigeon-holes him as an “imposter – a “phoney-in-chief” who promises rainbows and delivers old time, crony politics. Some would say that this unprecedented turn-around was affected by the departure of two high profile cabinet ministers, Wilson-Raybould and Philpott, who were concerned by the fact that their government s

Shamima Begum is something worse than a criminal

Editor's Note: In this article, Brendan O’Neill compares the hysterical reaction of the “cultural elites,” as he calls them, to the Covington schoolboys with their sympathetic treatment of Shamina Begum. The events happened in different countries – but the “cultural elites” are interchangeable. They are the opinion-makers in the entertainment industry and the media, and all too often our leaders in politics and education – who have allied themselves with social justice warriors and radical leftists. The schoolboys, from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, were in Washington, DC, for a pro-life demonstration. In response to verbal abuse from religious extremists of the Black Hebrew Is

C3RF Member Update - 01 March, 2019

Note! Letter-writing campaign instructions and sample letter below Note: Consider joining our friends at CFTRL for their 17 March, 2019 “Teach-In” Oil and water? Your Charter Rights and the formation of the Islamic Party of Ontario Recall that the C3RF “Update” from 11 January, 2019 brought the formation of an “Islamic Party of Ontario” to your attention. Recall, as well, that the update requested your signature on a related petition that called upon Ontario’s Ford Administration to disallow the official registration of such a political party. The argument was a simple one, the Islamic Party of Ontario proposes to institute sharia law in Ontario as the law of the land and thereby abrogate th

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