C3RF Member Update - 25 Oct, 2019

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Note! Premier Kenny of Alberta remarks on the federal election. Action, not words required! Follow the Constitution! Note! BQ leader Blanchet election night victory speech. No oil across Quebec. No comprimise on “values”. All attributes of sovereignty as soon as possible Just what was the ballot box question? The ballot-box question for election 2019 may have been “climate change” in the mind of the “progressive” political parties and the main stream media but it certainly was not in the mind of rank and file Canadians. Recall the initial surge in Green Party prospects at the start of the election campaign. A surge that peaked at a double

C3RF Member Update - 18 Oct, 2019

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Note! Court sidesteps free speech Charter guarantee, dismisses Ottawa Public Library case Commentary! Special report from Doğan Akman: Political parties must commit to stopping barbaric practices Is Canada back? And travelling up a smelly creek without a paddle? One can be forgiven for wondering just what Prime Minister Trudeau meant when he said “Canada’s back”. He made the statement shortly after winning the 2015 federal election. Did he mean the Canada before the Harper era of 2006 to 2015? The one that saw the amassing of a debilitating national debt under the stewardship of his father and then Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Br

Special report from Doğan Akman: Political parties must commit to stopping barbaric practices

Editor's Note: In an election season seized by phony issues and dedicated to buying off voters with their own money, can we finally discuss topics of critical concern to the nation? One such subject area is the extent to which Canada should stoop to accommodate religious and cultural practices that run counter to Western values characterized by fundamental freedoms and equality before the law. One such practice is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). In this article, Doğan Akman opens a debate that is long past due. He does so by citing the lack of action on the part of the Trudeau government to eradicate FGM in Canada. He suggests that it could be for political reasons as Trudeau uses the Cha

C3RF Member Update - 11 Oct, 2019

Remarque : La version française suit un peu plus bas Video! Full recording of Bernier/ Rubin “free speech” event at Mohawk College Petition! Call on RCMP Commissioner Lucki to investigate government funding of terrorism Commentary! Is Canada a “soft authoritarian” state? The “bread and circuses” election of 2019 continues As the “bread and circuses” election of 2019 continues into its fourth week the platitudes and acrimonious identity politics continue unabated. The “blackface” controversy, despite the best efforts of the “bought out” media, continued to bubble to the surface. This time in the form of unsubstantiated rumours of further, more volatile West Point Grey antics by our Prime Mini

Court sidesteps free speech Charter guarantee, dismisses Ottawa Public Library case

On September 11, the Divisional Court of Ontario heard arguments in the Weld vs. Ottawa Public Library case concerning the last minute cancellation by the OPL of the film Killing Europe, which was to be shown on November 25, 2017. The Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom had filed an application for judicial review with the Court in June, 2018, for Applicants Madeline Weld, Ottawa chapter leader of ACT! for Canada, and Valerie Thomas Price, head of ACT! for Canada. The Applicants were asking for a declaration that the Library’s decision violated their freedom of expression as protected under section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a declaration that th

Canada Goes Softly Authoritarian

Editor's Note: This article by Wesley Smith about the “soft authoritarianism” in Canada describes how governments increasingly intrude on matters of belief and conscience. His article supports the testimony of some of the witnesses before the Heritage Committee on Motion M-103 who noted there was "systemic" discrimination in Canada – against those choosing to practice their Christian religion in areas that involved abortion, euthanasia and human sexuality. Morality now begins and ends with government. “Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion all have a double aspect — freedom of thought and freedom of action.” – Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy Canada has become

C3RF Member Update - 04 Oct, 2019

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Commentary! Dogan Akman responds to C3RF article, “Justin Trudeau's brownface pseudo-controversy” Commentary! “I am a PPC candidate and I am not a racist” by Salim Mansur The “bread and circuses” election of 2019 As in the days of the Roman gladiator, the third week of electioneering in Canada has seen a plethora of “bread and circus” promises and distractions. By way of whetting the electorate’s appetite for “freebies”, the established political parties have been feverishly promising all manner of expensive goodies. Perhaps the most profligate are the Liberals with spending plans that see the next four years, if elected, encumbered with n

Dave Rubin and Max Bernier "free speech" event at Mohawk College - Dr. Salim Mansur commen

Editor's Note: The following statement by Salim Mansur illustrates the willingness of “anti-fascist” thugs to shut down events that don’t align with the leftist point of view. Fortunately, they were not able to silence a People’s Party of Canada event with Rubin Report host Dave Rubin conversing with PPC leader Maxime Bernier, held on September 29. Academic, journalist and author Salim Mansur, who is running as PPC candidate in London North Central, opened the evening, and Frank Vaughn and David Haskell, running in Peterborough and Cambridge, Ontario, respectively, were also on stage. It is vital to get some People’s Party candidates elected on October 21, less than three weeks away. The v

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