C3RF Member Update - 28 Feb, 2020

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Is there “rule of law” in Canada? – looks like a big “nope” Last week we pondered the question - is Canada a “rule of law” country? It appeared unlikely as Wet’suwet’en protests proceeded apace across the country with no effort to stand them down. This, even as they bit into the nation’s ability to transport essential goods to everyday Canadians far removed from the controversy. Not to be outdone, the activities of this past week have been just as concerning as political leaders clashed on just what to do. The Conservative leader of the opposition called for the immediate dismantling of illegal barricades while the Prime Minister, shock

C3RF Member Update - 21 Feb, 2020

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Is Canada a “Rule of Law” country Canada prides itself on being a “rule of law” country. After all, didn’t Canada diligently follow extradition law to detain Huawei‘s Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, in conjunction with an American request to do so? Canada paid a heavy price for doing so as a peeved China wasted no time in taking two Canadian citizens hostage - even as it cracked down on Canadian beef and pork exports. The beef and pork restrictions were subsequently lifted but the Canadian ex-pats are still cooling their heels in a Chinese slammer. Now that is dedication to the rule of law. How then to explain the same country’s

C3RF Member Update - 14 Feb, 2020

Note! Sign petition and say “NO” to Bill S-202 (Conversion Therapy) This petition has attained in excess of 1,000 signatures over the course of a mere week but many more are required if we are to turn the heads of our elected and non-elected political leaders. They need to understand that you feel Bill S-202 is a biased piece of legislation flush with false assumptions and pseudo-science. If you haven’t signed, consider doing so now. If you have, consider spreading the petition far and wide so that others might as well. Canadian media frets over free speech – after theirs is threatened Arguably, the Canadian MSM has been reluctant to notice and comment on the diminishment of free speech b

C3RF Member Update - 07 Feb, 2020

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Note! Sign petition and say “NO” to Bill S-202 (Conversion Therapy) Note! Consider attending CFTRL 2020 Teach-In. Engage in promoting the rights of all to protection under the Rule of Law in Canada. Senators respond to your inputs on Bill S-202 (Conversion Therapy) Well, looks like your earnest efforts are making an impact in Canada’s Senate Chambers. The letter-writing campaign that many of you have participated in has raised eyebrows in the place of “sober second thought”. Your observation that the Bill is biased in nature as it: only criminalizes “conversions” that move a person towards traditional sexual orientations and gender identi

Rex Murphy: Ezra Levant wrote a book critical of the Liberals. Now he’s being investigated

Editor's Note: In this article, Rex Murphy is careful to say that the behaviour of Canada’s Elections Commissioner in investigating journalist Ezra Levant for advertising a book critical of Justin Trudeau is not Soviet with a capital “S,” but is indeed lower-case “soviet.” And that should be enough to concern any Canadian who knows never to take our freedoms, especially our freedom of expression, for granted. What better term than “soviet” would describe a situation where a journalist, under threat of penalty, is forced to go to the Commissioner’s office and explain why he did not register his book criticizing the prime minister, while being told neither the nature of the complaint against h

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