C3RF Member Update - 24 July, 2020

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Sign! CCLA petition calling for the retraction of Ontario Bill 195 The never-ending crisis As calls to “flatten the curve” fade into history, all that seems to lie ahead, at least until the advent of a silver bullet vaccine, is a never ending, drunken three-step foxtrot that sees the country stagger from contagion to lockdown to lockdown-light before careening back to contagion. We watched this dance unfold believing that our political leaders were serious when they said we need only give up our livelihoods, and civil liberties, long enough to get our medical systems up to the task of dealing with the Wuhan virus. Rather than this, they hav

C3RF Member Update - 10 July, 2020

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Watch! Canada Day Freedom Rally on Parliament Hill Freedom Rally surprises The Canada Day Freedom Rally took over Parliament Hill celebrations with a surprising turnout of Canadians from across the country. Prime among these contingents was the one arriving from Western Canada under the leadership of principals like Mark Friesen and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. The end result was a gathering of polite, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens that numbered in the thousands rather than the hundreds of “white supremacists” that were forecast by some naysayers. A good overview of the day’s events can be had by reviewing the four-hour video at the Laura-

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