May 23, 2019

Editor's Note: Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill discusses the absurdity of trying to create a definition of “Islamophobia” that protects Muslims from discrimination but does not censor free speech. An All-Party Parliamentary Group working on the definition in Britain came...

September 18, 2018

Editor's Note: Majid Rafizadeh asks the perfectly reasonable question of why he should not be free to criticize his religion, Islam, when Jews and Christians are free to criticize theirs. Mr. Rafizadeh grew up in Muslim-majority countries and saw firsthand how sharia l...

January 27, 2018

Editor's Note: A 71-year-old Swedish man is prosecuted for hate speech for criticizing Islam. Is Sweden a cautionary tale of what Motion M-103 could lead to in Canada?

Because of Muslim migrants, Sweden has a skyrocketing crime rate, and some heavily Muslim areas are pr...

January 25, 2018

Editor's Note: Candice Malcolm highlights the ‘moral panic’ that criticism of Islam can generate in Canada, with Prime Minister Trudeau accusing Conservative leader Andrew Scheer of “Islamophobia” for criticizing Trudeau’s lenient treatment of returning ISIS fighters....

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PETITION: Say “NO” to a Day of Action on Islamophobia in Canada

March 16, 2018

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