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Send a Letter to Your MP - Sample Letter

You can make a difference. Send a letter to your MP and let them know your opposition to Motion M-103. Below is a sample letter to get you started - please edit and personalize this, and then send it off to your MP today.


Dear Member of Parliament (or insert name),

A motion will come before the House of Parliament on March 22, 2017, referred to as M-103, that requests the Government of Canada assign a study to the Heritage Canada Committee to consider the extent and impact of racism and Islamophobia in the country, and to report back to the House, potentially recommending legislation. Since this motion was proposed, it has raised alarm across Canada, in all sectors and communities, especially among Canadian Muslims. It is imperative that you and your colleagues understand these concerns.

Our newly formed organization, Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms, is a coalition which supports freedom of religion for all Canadians and freedom of speech and expression. The materials provided to you here, a Mission Statement, Backgrounder on the issue and our concerns, and a Media Alert about our Ottawa press conference at 12 noon, Monday, March 20, document our concerns. We stand with all MPs in condemning hatred, tyranny, terrorism, bigotry, and the suppression of our rights and freedoms. Therefore, we sincerely ask that you vote against motion M-103.

While many Members of Parliament as well as average citizens, academics and media view the motion as benign, event sacrosanct and are condemning those who oppose it as prejudiced, or “Islamophobic,” nothing could be further from the truth. Experience across many countries and jurisdictions, and studies by very credible academics, and open-minded civil rights leaders, as well as Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews, view the motion that has been proposed as itself prejudicial. Current wording suggests that one religious community is to be protected, even if it means silencing others; even if there is no evidence to support the notion that this community, the Muslim community, is being victimized at a higher rate that other religious denominations. In fact, they are not and the data shows it.

Our ask:

  • Vote against motion M-103

  • If not, replace “Islamophobia” with “anti-Muslim”

  • If not, remove Islam from special mention: we want to condemn intolerance against any member of any and all minorities

We in C3RF believe that Canadian law, including our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guarantees an open society. Hate speech, terrorism, discrimination have no place here. We abhor the proposed motion, which (history and experience shows) could silence constructive criticism of a specific religious belief or ideology, namely a supremacist ideology within political Islam. Canadians should be free to question and even challenge views and practices that are deemed inappropriate and unacceptable.


(Your name)

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