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WND Radio: Muslims Invade U.S. ‘In The Name Of Allah'

Editor's note: In this article and radio interview, Paul Nehlen discusses the concept of ‘Hijrah’ in Islamic doctrine, in which migration to non-Muslim lands is part of the strategy of the Islamization of the globe. In Islamic theology, the entire world must eventually be ruled by Sharia law as the supreme law. Whether our Parliamentarians understand it or not, Motion M-103 is designed to set the stage to stifle criticism of Islam, which is forbidden under Sharia law.

Paul Nehlen: Americans collecting big cash from feds to help with 'migrant' influx

The man who unsuccessfully challenged House Speaker Paul Ryan in a Republican primary last year is now releasing a documentary highlighting what he sees as a threat to the United States through a coordinated Muslim migration strategy. Paul Nehlen is host of “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion.” He is also the author of the forthcoming book, “Wage the Battle.” Nehlen told WND and Radio America hijrah can refer to multiple ideas, ranging from leaving sin behind to Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina. However, he said Islamic texts clearly speak about strategic migration. “Hijrah means ‘migration in the name of Allah,'” said Nehlen, who explained that the ultimate goal is to populate non-Muslim nations to the extent needed to impose Shariah law. “The hijrah is one way of spreading the Shariah, spreading the law of Islam, this political doctrine, to land where Islam isn’t,” Nehlen said. “That’s what this documentary covers. It talks about the bigger picture here of what we saw here. It stems directly from their fundamental texts.” He said hijrah is another method by which Muslims can earn their salvation. “Quite unlike a Christian, who believes you can’t earn your way in and only by the grace of God are you granted access to heaven through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, Muslims believe they can earn their way in,” Nehlen said. “They believe they have to earn their way in.” In addition to explaining hijrah in his documentary, Nehlen said he made the film to counter the conventional wisdom offered by the media. “What is portrayed in the mainstream media is so far from the truth that what I learned prior to and during my campaign compelled me to make this documentary to expose it for what it is and really to point out the massive hypocrisy in our refugee resettlement mechanisms in this country,” he said. Specifically, Nehlen takes aim at the nine voluntary agencies, or volags, that facilitate refugee resettlement in the U.S. “[They] receive over a billion dollars to resettle people who are predominantly – almost exclusively – Muslims into this country,” he said. And he said the financial research he’s done shows more refugees admitted to the U.S. mean a lot of money for the volags. “I researched these nine volags and all of their top people – I researched five deep into their salaries – and they’re making six-figure salaries. In fact, the highest-paid individual is making over $650,000 a year,” Nehlen said.

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Paul Nehlen:

“When you have a profit motive that large to bring people in and you’re making more money by bringing more people in, you can’t argue that this is a humanitarian-only issue,” he said. “This is a profit-driven issue.” He also claims not all the volags are as they seem based on their names. “You have groups that have very Christian-sounding names, but the reality is they are being co-opted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” Nehlen said. “They are working on behalf of the United Nations, which is clearly working at odds to the United States.” Nehlen said this concern over a de facto Muslim invasion is not just theoretical. He said the apprehension of a suspicious person photographing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge years ago ultimately led to a trove of unvarnished Muslim Brotherhood documents. He read from one that directly references strategic migration. “The process of settlement is a civilization jihadist process with all the word means. The Iquan, Arabic for Muslim Brotherhood, must understand that their work in America is kind of a grand jihad, eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that is it eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions,” read Nehlen. Like the reporting you see here? Sign up for free news alerts from, America’s independent news network. Nehlen is strongly urging Congress to pass HR 377, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act. “It will roll back 60 years of work the Muslim Brotherhood has done,” he said. Defenders of refugee resettlement and general Muslim migration contend the vast majority of Muslims are looking for a peaceful opportunity to pursue physical and financial security for their families. However, Nehlen said polling shows more than 50 percent of Muslims in the U.S. want to see Shariah law trump the Constitution as the final legal authority in the U.S.. “We are seeing Islamist Muslims who are reading directly from their documents and doing what is prescribed in their documents. It is inarguable,” Nehlen said. “You cannot argue that this religion is being perverted. It is not being perverted. It is being practiced in a fundamental way to spread Shariah around the world.” And he said giving ground at the margins is a surefire way to lose the fight. “There is no reason that a country should give up its culture, its heroes, its holidays, its traditions in order to make way for a new culture, new traditions, new holidays, new heroes,” Nehlen said. “That’s not what a nation-state is all about. I for one will not stand by and watch it happen.”

This article was originally published by World Net Daily on May 22, 2017 and can be viewed on their website by clicking here.

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