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AUDIO: Deborah Weiss Interviewed on M-103 by Tom Wallace of Fortress of Faith

This week we have Deborah Weiss on our broadcast to talk about Motion M103 that is working its way through Parliament in Canada. This motion, if it becomes law, will make it a crime to speak against Islam in Canada.

Rather than type out the transcript of this interview, I think you will get more out of it by listening to the audio. In this interview you will learn what the term “Islamophobia” really means, and the implications involved in it being used in law.

Those of you in Canada need to make your voices heard. Contact your government leaders and let them know your opposition to this motion. Also, educate your fellow citizens of what is going on, and how it will affect them.

Those of us here in America need to pay attention also because efforts to do the same thing here are going on behind closed doors. Americans really need to listen to part 3. You will see that Bill 569 to condemn anti-Muslim rhetoric was introduced by the Democrats. It was signed and cosponsored by 145 out of 186 Democrats in the House at the time. It went nowhere because Republicans were in control. From this we see that the push for censorship is coming from the left. We see it in leftist politicians and on college campuses.

If we don’t stand up an fight against this, freedom of speech will not be the only right we lose. Our freedoms are linked together. When we lose one, the others will follow like dominoes.

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