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Justin Trudeau's brownface pseudo-controversy

Editor’s note: PPC candidate for London North Centre, Dr. Salim Mansur, discusses the “brownface” controversy generated by Prime Minister Trudeau during his teaching days at the elitist West Point Grey Academy in 2001. It’s not so much a matter of racism that should make everyday Canadians feel uneasy but the rank hypocrisy displayed by the Prime Minister, his supportive party affiliates and all those who vote for both after uncovering the double standards they all employ. These situational standards are evident in a multitude of indiscretions perpetrated by the Prime Minister and his compliant crew. They are characterized by “she may have experienced it differently” excuses even as they use the harshest invective to excoriate the motivations of their opponents. The question now is, do the Prime Minister and his Party deserve the outcome that was meted to the federal Progressive Conservatives in the election of 1993?

Justin Trudeau - brownface

I do not believe, nor I will unfairly argue, that Justin Trudeau is a racist. He was not born to racist parents and nurtured in a racist household, nor raised in a racist and bigoted society.

Justin Trudeau is, as my leader Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party has pointed out, “the biggest hypocrite in the country.”

Who are hypocrites? None can define them better than what Jesus said about them, that they are people who go about looking for motes in the eyes of their neighbours when they will not take out the beams from their own eyes.

Justin Trudeau fits that definition provided by Jesus in its entirety.

Justin Trudeau - brownface

But Trudeau is not alone. Every sitting member of the Liberal parliamentary caucus, every card-carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada, every Canadian still prepared to vote in October 2019 election for the Liberals in their electoral districts across the country are complicit in Trudeau’s hypocrisy and, therefore, are hypocrites.

And as hypocrites they are, in homage to Pontius Pilate, ready to wash their hands and put their thumbs up to crucify Canadians by voting for another 4 years for the Trudeau Liberals. For the simple question all this time has been, given the evidence of ineptness and lack of judgment and even conduct at the edge of criminality by Trudeau and his party, can there be any right-minded Canadian voting Liberal at this time?

What Justin Trudeau displayed some 20 years ago in putting on a brown face and a black face as acts were demonstrations of his poor judgment. His lack of judgment, of self-awareness, of narcissism which can and, perhaps, has morphed into a pathology posing immense problem for our country may be explained by his youthful indiscretion.

Justin Trudeau - brownface

Yet it needs to be emphasized that Justin Trudeau is not alone in his hypocrisy. It is a disease spread across our country as Canada’s leading institutions in government, in business, in the media and in the academia are affected by this disease. At the core of this disease is political correctness driven by the need to ostracize from the public space anyone who questions the false premise of multiculturalism, as an ideology that all cultures are equal. This was a false ideology at the outset pushed by our political elite, and by leaders of all political parties when it was first enunciated some half-century ago, into a sort of sacred secular principle that was later written into our constitution.

Multiculturalism was a fraud perpetrated by the political elite and sold by the media and the academia to unsuspecting Canadians of how this sweet, yet false, idea is a delectable lie. It was a given that, as any fraud, over time it would begin to unravel and has thus subverted the Judeo-Christian foundational values of the country based on the notions of personal responsibility, freedom, fairness and respect.

We are long past the expiry date of this false ideology that has poisoned our politics to such an extent that for most Canadians their perspective on what is right and wrong has become dimmed. The media and the political elite are bent upon exploiting this loss by exaggerating the disclosure of Trudeau’s pictures in brown and black faces as youthful indiscretion for which he now apologizes with all the sombre gestures he can employ, as an actor, to demonstrate humility and seek forgiveness from the public routinely praised by the same hypocrites as always forgiving.

Once this charade by Justin Trudeau seeking forgiveness is over then the page on his past indiscretions will be quickly turned over, and the mea culpa of Justin Trudeau will be enveloped in the enforced political correctness of the crass media and anyone who questions this staged hypocrisy will be cashiered for lack of forgiveness held up as the distinguishing characteristic of Canadians separating them from the rest of “peoplekind”, in the word coined by our humble leader of the Liberal party and the 23rd prime minister of Canada.

Justin Trudeau - brownface

But let us not be fooled, those of us who still have the capacity to think for ourselves and have not lost our sense of propriety, decency, and discretion.

There is nothing about the indiscretion of Justin Trudeau from some two decades ago to excuse and exonerate the list of wrongs, some bordering on criminality if he would have been indicted for them, that is his record going into the October 2019 election. Here is a short preliminary list:

  • interference with our justice system in the SNC-Lavalin affair, of seeking to tamper with our rule of law for which the Ethics Commissioner has found him in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act;

  • improper relationship with and accepting unlawful gifts from the Aga Khan for which also the Ethics Commissioner found him in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act;

  • the petulance and virulence with which his government indicted and destroyed the career Admiral Mark Norman, the Deputy Chief of Staff of Canada’s Defence Forces, for breach of trust, and then withdrew the indictment lacking evidence demanded by the defence team of the officer and gentleman before the case went to trial;

  • the promise made in the 2015 election to balance the budget that was never meant, as the deficit has mushroomed over the past 4 years and his government continues to push the deficit higher by throwing money at the public in a spending spree before the election;

  • the solemn promise as a dedicated feminist to support and enhance women’s rights, while openly and callously mocking the former AG Jody Wilson-Raybould for defending our rule of law in the SNC-Lavalin affair, demoting her and then forcing her to resign and leave the Liberal caucus followed by a second woman in cabinet, Jane Philpott;

  • the public embrace of an indicted terrorist, Omar Khadr, found guilty and imprisoned in the U.S., and rewarding the terrorist with $10 million as a settlement for wrongful punishment by Canada’s chief ally and thereby mocking the same ally;

  • his government readily accepting the return of those Canadians who went abroad to join the most notorious terrorist group in modern history, ISIS, in the Middle East without putting them on trial for waging war against Canada, her allies, and committing crimes against humanity;

  • the wilful ignorance, or deliberate insult to Canadians and Canada’s ally, India, by coddling known Sikh advocates and terrorists supporting the Khalistani movement in Punjab, India, for a separate Sikh-only independent state;

  • the coddling and appeasement of Islamists and Islamism

  • the weaponization of a religion, Islam, into an ideology of terror and holy war by the Muslim Brotherhood and related organizations – in government and in the country, and the adoption of the false notion of Islamophobia via Motion-103 to suffocate free speech;

  • deliberately colluding with domestic and foreign-based organizations driven by an ideological animus in pushing the unsettled and contested policy of man-made climate change -- climate change in itself is an integral part of the dynamics of our solar system since the big bang that originated it some 14 billion years ago -- to destroy Canada’s natural resource industry in Alberta with grave consequences to our economy and long term prosperity and security of our country in a conflict-ridden world.

We must not lose sight of the above. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party must be severely punished in the 2019 election by the people in the only manner that a worthy democracy rises to the occasion in delivering its verdict on those undeserving to hold power on behalf of the people. The precedent is there, if Canadians will recall how Mulroney’s government was punished for breaking trust with the people in the 1993 election. Mulroney and his party were reduced to 2 seats in the parliament.

If justice is done by the people, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals will be treated in the 2019 election as the Progressive Conservatives, or Tories, were treated in 1993.

Salim Mansur

PPC Candidate, London North Centre

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