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Take Action - Download the C3RF Brochure: What's Wrong With Motion M-103

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms has produced a brochure in English, French, and Polish with a summary and description of the main issues with Motion M-103, along with information about our coalition:

  • What is the anti-Islamophobia Motion M-103?

  • How Motion M-103 threatens freedom of expression

  • Discrimination and hate crimes are already illegal

  • What is really behind Motion M-103

  • What is Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms?

This brochure is a tri-fold piece that you can easily print at home, share with friends and family, and provides a basic understanding of why Canadians should be very concerned about what is behind this motion and where it can take us.

Simply print it up on both sides of an 8.5x11 sheet and fold it up. It's meant to be printed edge to edge, so if your printer has a borderless printing option in the page setup, then that is recommended.

Please click on the front covers of the brochures or on the following links to download now:




For more in-depth information about our coalition and M-103, please see our page:

Q&A about M-103.

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