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C3RF seeks sponsors for “In Hot” interviews

Our C3RF “In Hot” interview sessions have been received very positively across the country. It would appear that there is a real thirst in the Canadian public square for insights into the experience of those whose lives have been disrupted and careers terminated for following their conscience rather than the Covid directives of corrupted bureaucracies. C3RF has enjoyed bringing such brave personalities forward for your attention and edification. The fact is, however, that these professionally rendered products do not come without cost and, given the shoestring budget on which we operate, we foresee difficulties in continuing these “In Hot” sessions in the future. For this reason, we are reaching out to find sponsors who are willing to fund these sessions. The end-product is professionally produced by one of the best in the business and requires a $250 investment.

Past interviews have included Drs. Mary O’Connor and Patrick Phillips who lost their medical licences for simply complying with their oath to “do no harm”. They chose to take care of their patients in accordance with what they considered best medical practice based on their own knowledge, experience, and research. On the political side we have spoken with the Hon. Brian Peckford, the last living First Minister responsible for the patriation of our Constitution and Charter in 1982, and Max Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, who are both now embroiled in a critical court case that seeks to reinstate Canadian mobility rights on a permanent basis.

The Hon Brian Peckford challenging Charter mobility rights in court

You can support the continuation of our “In Hot” interviews by pledging to fund the development, editing, and uploading of a session with a specific interviewee or the “In Hot” program in general. We are pleased to share that we have already received funding for two sessions and are currently looking at inviting a number of other notable personalities, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (The Real Anthony Fauci), Dr. Peter McCullough (The Courage to Face Covid-19), Dr. Naomi Wolf (The Bodies of Others) and Andrew Lawton (The Freedom Convoy). You may choose to sponsor one of these proposed interviewees or suggest another subject whom we will endeavour to contact. We invite you to submit a question to the person you are sponsoring and will publicly credit the donor, or donors if you choose to get together with a few friends, who have made a given interview possible (unless you or they wish to remain anonymous). If two or more people donate to support the same person, we will credit both (or all) donors in that interview and all future interviews that those donations allow us to conduct.

Dr. Peter McCullough challenges pandemic measures at great cost

With our Charter rights and freedoms under relentless assault in this new age of never-ending government-declared “emergencies” and related overreach, it would be a significant loss if such rare and first-person encounters were to fall by the wayside. We need your support to keep bringing these stories and against-the-narrative experiences to the attention of Canadians and many other freedom-loving individuals abroad. If you are interested in supporting our “In Hot” interview program, please contact us at to make it happen.


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