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Motion M-103 has been passed, but the fight is not over! (You can see how the vote went in our News section by clicking here). The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage will now begin its study on how the government will undertake “a whole of government approach” to eliminating “systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.” How will the Committee define the “Islamophobia” that they are charged with finding ways to eliminate? C3RF intends to find out. We will be providing information on any consultation meetings or other events that the Committee might hold. We ask our members and supporters to participate in these meetings and to challenge any attempt to silence discussion or criticism of any religion or ideology.

Write and Talk To Your Member of Parliament

Write your MP:


Click here to find your MP and email address.

Whether your MP voted in favour of or against Motion M-103, you can share your views on the motion and your concerns about its ramifications with him or her. Explain your opposition to Motion M-103 and why, and then email it off to the MP. Click here for a sample letter to your MP.

It's recommended that you also send a copy of your letter to:

Call and/or visit your MP:

Call your MP's Riding Office to have a discussion and/or make an appointment to visit them to discuss M-103 in person. Use the link at the top to find your MP's phone number.

See Talking to your MP about M-103: 5 great rules for successful public advocacy for more tips on the best way to approach and converse with your MP.

Take Our High Quality Lobbyist Training

We conduct Lobbyist Training to provide you with the tools and resources you need to communicate and lobby effectively. Please email to be notified of our next training session.

Join our Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook Group where articles are shared, updates are posted, and our members are able to easily communicate with each other. Please visit the C3RF Facebook Group page and join today.

Share and Promote Your Opposition to M-103

Knowledge is power. Most Canadians don't know the significance of Motion M-103, and so sharing your knowledge of the issues is one of the best ways to take action. Here are some recommendations:

  • Mobilize Your Family and Friends (password protected page - please email for access)

  • Organize a Speakers Program

  • Organize Your Own Rally

For more information, advice, and guidance on any of the above, please email

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