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Mission Statement

Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms (C3RF) is a group of Canadians whose mission is to educate Canadians about threats to their Charter Rights, advocate to protect Charter Rights and Freedoms, and propose countering legislation and regulatory frameworks especially focused on freedom of expression.

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF) is a group of Canadians who came together to address Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid’s Motion M-103, a motion that has been approved and now stands to adversely impact the ability of Canadians to express themselves freely.

Members of the group come from many religious and ethnic communities and many have long histories as human rights advocates. The group supports the rule of law in accordance with Canadian traditions and strives to ensure the preservation of fundamental, individual Charter Rights with freedom of expression being prime among them. C3RF is registered as a not-for-profit corporation. It does not have charitable status and your donations are not eligible for a tax credit."
Motion M-103 was the catalyst that spurred the formation of C3RF. It flowed from the House of Commons “E-411 (Islam)” petition and both documents called up the undefined, ambiguous term, "Islamophobia". Motion M-103 went further than the petition in that it leveled the charge that everyday Canadians and their institutions are riddled with "systemic racism and religious discrimination".

C3RF sees these accusations as unfounded and note that M-103 testimony, conducted by the House of Commons Heritage Committee, proved there was no “rising tide of fear and hate” in Canada. The fact that the Committee issued a final report that ignored this testimony demonstrates that the Motion was intended to satisfy a predetermined outcome from the start.   

C3RF finds the use of the term “Islamophobia” confusing and alarming. Confusing in that it wrongly equates Islamophobia with anti-Muslim hate speech. Alarming in that it is indicative of a well-orchestrated public relations campaign to deflect legitimately founded criticism of Islamic doctrine and extremists – both of which call for the replacement of Canadian Law with sharia law. C3RF notes that this technique of “chilling” free expression is evident in an assortment of other areas outside the realm of political Islam. Indeed, fundamental Charter Rights are weathering attacks from a wide variety of domestic and international initiatives, authorities and agencies.

Domestically, political, judicial, media and academic elites have been quick to silence criticism of policies and initiatives that serve to diminish the fundamental Charter Rights of everyday Canadians. These include, but are not limited to, the compulsion of speech to validate unproven, nonsensical gender theories and judicial efforts to “balance” away the fundamental rights of the individual to accommodate the sensibilities of select, “identifiable groups”.

Internationally, C3RF notes that the implementation of United Nations “Agenda 2030” stands to annul the voting power of individual Canadians. This, as the authority of their elected representatives is usurped by international powers and principalities exercising, among other things, global compacts on migration, refugees and “climate change”.

Given these considerable threats to Canadian Charter Rights, it is C3RF’s mission to educate Canadians on their existence and nature while advocating and acting against them through all legal means.

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