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The One Stop Tyrant Shop V20.0

A compendium of tyrannical measures, actions and decisions that have impacted the civil liberties of Canadians culled from C3RF “Updates”

Editor’s note: The “One Stop Tyrant Shop” has the potential to go beyond being a compendium of measures, actions and decisions that have adversely impacted the civil liberties of Canadians and be an instrument of opposition and change.  Accordingly, the original format has been changed slightly to identify related “update” links in the left-hand column of the “Shop’s” table to leave the right-side column clear for the insertion of applicable “action” links.  These “action” links will connect the reader with initiatives and projects that various entities and individuals are sponsoring.  If you or your freedom-orientated organization have such an endeavour under way, send it to with the identification of the particular line item it seeks to address in the “One Shop” table.  The name of your organization or effort, with its url address, will be inserted in the table for review by all who seek to join the fight to preserve Canadian civil liberties.  The table will be updated on a regular basis to identify new entries with bold type.

About the “One Stop Tyrant Shop”

The C3RF “One Stop Tyrant Shop” is intended to provide citizens with a factual overview of the progressive erosion of fundamental Charter rights and freedoms over the period September 2015 to the present date.  The data is taken from C3RF “Update” reports that have chronicled related developments over the period on a near weekly basis for the past six years. 


The observer will note that the degradation of these rights seems to accelerate over the three-year period anchored by the start of the Wuhan virus crisis in March 2020.  Indeed, the pace of change has picked up decidedly in the new year subsequent to the federal election of 2021.  It’s as if there is a realization, with the waning of the Wuhan virus crisis in its Omicron stage, that time is short and much needs to be done in the near term to attain set objectives.  It is posited that Agenda 2030 Sustainment Development Goals, including “climate change” and a related global economic “reset”, are central in motivating hastened efforts.  


It is interesting to note that, with the amalgamation of both the Liberal and NDP parties for spending and budgeting purposes until 2025, Canada will become a one-party state with unimpeded access to the public purse for whatever project(s) it desires to pursue.  It is also interesting to note that the earlier years associated with “One Stop Shop” are characterized by initiatives that shape desired Agenda 2030 narratives through media control and the actual suppression of free speech.  These narratives include those that seemingly divide Canadians on the basis of the fault line that separates traditional and post-modern cultures. 

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