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Videos - M-103 Conference Soundbites

Our recent conference on M-103 in Toronto and at satellite locations across Canada brought together an assembly of powerful voices and ideas. Full videos from all of the speakers are available on the main conference video page here. Click any of the names to jump to their videos soundbites from that speaker:

Deborah WeissRaheel Raza • Dr. Gad Saad • Dr. Bill Warner Anni CyrusClare Lopez

Deborah Weiss - Make No Mistake About It  (3:34)

Deborah Weiss - Islamophobia Changes The Definition Of Defamation  (2:49)

Deborah Weiss - What Is Islamophobia?  (2:23)

Deborah Weiss - E411 & M103 Delegitimize Opposing Positions  (2:49)

Deborah Weiss - We Are In A War: Sharia Totalitarianism VS Freedom  (2:59)

Raheel-Raza - M103 Is A Slap To The Face Of Democracy  (2:13)

Raheel Raza - Connecting the Dots: Islamists, Extremists, and Islamophobia  (2:45)

Dr. Gad Saad - Do We Send Him To Gulag 13?  (2:32)

Dr. Gad Saad - Freedom Of Speech Is Everything  (1:45)

Dr. Bill Warner - Are Facts Offensive Or Hate Speech?  (2:40)

Dr. Bill Warner - I Fear Political Islam  (2:48)

Anni Cyrus - I Was A Child Bride  (2:07)

Anni Cyrus - Torture, Child Brides, & Rape Sanctioned By The Book  (2:15)

Deborah Weiss
Raheel Raza
Dr. Gad Saad
Dr. Bill Warner

Clare Lopez - Human Dignity, The Right to Free Speech, and Defamation in Sharia  (2:23)

Clare Lopez - Islam Means Submission  (2:17)

Anni Cyrus
Clare Lopez
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