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C3RF Learning Circle on Free Speech


A public live event featuring stimulating speakers, panelists, and small breakout panel sessions engaged in assessing the politics of implementing federal government Motion M-103 - criminalizing genuine criticism. This is a civil discussion and agitators or racists are not welcome. Every attendee gets a free mobilization advocacy package and the chance to rub shoulders with other freedom of speech advocates who love this country and want one rule of law for all of us. To learn more about the problems with Motion M-103, read our Q&A and download our brochure.


Sunday September 10, 2017 - 1:00 pm; Doors Open 12:00 noon


This is to be a simulcast event, with the Toronto program at a downtown venue, and we currently have 6 satellite locations set up for the simulcast of the conference in Ottawa, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Halifax, Fredericton, and Moncton. Click here for information on satellite program locations.


This is a non-profit event and tickets are limited, but must be booked in advance. A range of ticket options are now available here: For additional ticket information, click here.


Toronto tickets 1,200; proposed national on-line audience of 40,000. Live feed satellite sites in Ottawa, Medicine Hat, Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton, and Calgary. We encourage each member to invite their friends to join us.


The conference program format is a balance of speakers, panel sessions and breakout discussion groups. This simulcast program is a civil discourse on political choices and Canadian freedoms. C3RF has no affiliation with any political party. Security will ensure that there will be no incitement, hatred or racism in word or thought whether by a speaker, or audience member, or volunteer. Admission will be controlled and decorum maintained by trained security personnel. Several speakers are Muslim LGBTQ members, members of religious minorities, and Muslim women. The program is available online and can be viewed here.


Our goal is 40,000 attendees, both live and remote.


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