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C3RF Conference - Welcome & Schedule

The Founding Members of C3RF welcome you to this important conference. Some of you will be here in Toronto, others at simulcast satellite centres, and still others participating at home by remote feed. The speakers you will see, hear, and talk to believe that Canadians face a real threat from Motion M-103. Freedom of speech and one law for all will be under threat if M-103 is implemented unevenly, poorly, and without open consultation by the Heritage Committee.


Those who have lived under "Islamophobia" or blasphemy laws know what the word means in international law, how it is promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood, how it is enforced by countries within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and what it portends to a chill of legitimate freedom of expression and freedom of speech rights in Canada.

The Heritage Committee has refused to invite C3RF to appear as a witness, or to hold public hearings across the country. One C3RF response is this conference. A second is an array of meetings, social media efforts and advocacy initiatives to persuade Parliament that fear of mutah marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), wife beating, killing gays and lesbians, and introducing Sharia law in Canada isn't irrational, or racist, or phobic. A third response is to bypass the Heritage Committee - to produce a C3RF video that will be premiered at the conference that will be sent to all MPs and Senators about M-103, as well as the media, not just the Heritage Committee.

Join us. Welcome to a day of inspiration and responsible thought.


David Nitkin

Conference Chair



O Canada - Lily Wang (1:00-1:02)
Introduction - David Nitkin (1:02-1:05)
What is Islamophobia? - Deborah Weiss (1:05-1:25)
Heritage Committee - Madeline Weld (1:25-1:35)
Video World Premiere: M-103: Islamophobia Cure or Sharia Trap?
- Leo Adler (1:35-1:45)
The Prime Minister and Political Leadership
- Tom Quiggin (1:45-2:05)
Impacts on Muslims - Raheel Raza (2:05-2:20)
- Break (Lobby) - (2:20-2:40)
Lessons Learned Internationally - Dr Gad Saad (2:20-2:40)
Impacts on Women - Anni Cyrus (2:40-3:00)
Impacts on Muslims - Tarek Fatah (3:00-3:15)
Media Apathy or Media Politics - Anthony Furey (3:15-3:30)
- Break (Lobby) - (3:30-3:50)
Education and Freedom of Speech - Bill Warner (3:30-3:50)
Impacts on LGBTQ
- Yusuf Celik, Ben Dichter, Sue-Ann Levy (3:50-4:35)
Impacts of M-103 on Free Speech - Clare Lopez (4:35-4:55)
Thank You - Valerie Price (4:55)

Speaker Spotlight Sessions: Meet and Ask Questions


Location: Media Interview Room

12:30 - Madeline Weld / Leo Adler
1:00 - Raheel Raza
1:30 - Ben Dichter / Yusuf Celik

2:00 - Deborah Weiss

2:30 - Tom Quiggin

3:00 - Sue-Ann Levy

3:30 - Tarek Fatah

4:00 - Anthony Furey

4:30 - Anni Cyrus

5:00 - Clare Lopez

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