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Heritage Committee - June 8 Meeting and recent updates

Since our last report on Canadian Heritage Committee activities during their 11 May, 2017 meeting, the Committee has met, in camera, to discuss "media and local communities" on 16, 17, 18 and 30 May, 2017 as well as 01 and 06 June, 2017. The only remarkable annotation made on all of these meetings was a call to invite the Chairman of the CRTC; M. Jean-Pierre Blais, to the Committee to explain a recent move to decrease Canadian content in relevant media from 10 to 5%.

The meeting of the Committee was, again, held in camera on 08 June, 2017.  It was evident from publicly available minutes of this meeting that the process for reviewing potential witnesses for "Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination" deliberations had begun. Indeed, it was directed that "additional, non-exclusive lists of witnesses be submitted to the Clerk by 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 14, 2017." Given the fact that summer recess begins 23 June, 2017, it can be assumed that witness testimony will likely not be heard until the return of Parliament on 18 September, 2017.

NOTE: "In camera" = the majority of the members chose to exclude the public from the meeting

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