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Heritage Committee - September 18 Meeting

Heritage Committee deliberations on systemic racism and religious discrimination in Canada began in earnest today. A video recording of the proceedings can be found below. It is interesting to note that MP Khalid's testimony attempted at every turn to concentrate on "all" forms of racism rather than just "Islamophobia" in the particular. Also interesting to note that many MPs remarked on the fact that their constituents have been on the blower to them demanding that free speech not be impinged and Sharia Law not be introduced in any form in Canada.

At the end of the meeting, the Conservative lead on M-103 deliberations, David Anderson, chastised the Chair, Hedy Fry, for giving the Liberal members five extra minutes over and above what the Conservatives received.

There seemed to be a definite one-sidedness to the proceedings. It is noted that, in the whole video, the only type of extremism mentioned is "right wing extremism" and "white supremacy". No mention at all of Islam or Jihad. Seems as though "Islamophobia" is already being "quelled".

The video link is here:

(note: although the video begins playing at 15:48:18, you will need to forward 28 minutes to 16:16:00 which is when the meeting actually starts, and it concludes at 18:29:56)

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