- A Criminal Investigation is Required"

Editor’s Note: Tom Quiggin is a former military intelligence officer and current court-qualified expert on terrorism. He has created a meticulous and extremely credible body of research that reaches deep into the world of scams that use Canadian taxpayer money to both directly and indirectly finance terrorist operations. His work is chilling as he alleges that such operations have proceeded beyond private manipulation to include support from Government of Canada agencies and personalities. The allegations are truly monumental and speak not only to the fraudulent use of taxpayer funds but also to the compromising of national security Accordingly, Mr. Quiggin has petitioned the RCMP to investigate his considered allegations in light of relevant Criminal Code of Canada provisions. His letter and research material follow.

Abstract: Canadian taxpayers’ money has been used to fund terrorism for over two decades. Registered charities have frequently been the vehicles. As a court expert on terrorism, it is Thomas Quiggin's opinion that Members of Parliament are directing the cash flow. This 132 page report, published on October 9, 2018, includes a criminal complaint being sent to the Commissioner, RCMP.

Click here or on the graphic to the right to view and download the report, and supporting graphics are posted below. The supporting graphics are also available in a PPT file that you can download here.

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