Take Action - Written Submission to the Canadian Heritage Committee

Although the Standing Committee has just decided on June 20th that the Liberal Party will be allowed to call 36 witnesses, the Conservative Party 24 and the NDP 12, you can still make a difference. Obviously, the pro-M-103 contingent, comprised by Liberal and NDP witnesses, will far outweigh any countervailing opinions that can be offered up by the Conservative Party. Indeed, given the sheer weight of the evidence that will be tabled by M-103 proponents it is safe to say that anti-Islamophobia measures are on track to be implemented on a Canadian society and public that have been designated as "systemically" racist and full of "religious" bigots respectively. To add credence to this inevitability is the fact that Hedy Fry, Chairperson of the Heritage Committee, is on record as declaring "there is no guarantee that radical voices won't speak at M-103 hearings". One might think that the fix is in and that follow-on legislation aimed at protecting Islam from criticism is well in hand - except for one fact, written submissions will be entertained.

If you are interested in making such a "written submission" you may consider doing so as detailed in the guidelines noted here:



Perhaps you are concerned that:



Regardless, if you feel your right to free speech is threatened by measures that are likely to be proposed by M-103 deliberations now is the time to engage. You can do so by written submission to the Heritage Committee and now is the time to get cracking - it should be with the Committee before they return for deliberations on 18 September, 2017.