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C3RF Members Newsletter - March 2017

We'd like you to consider joining C3RF--- Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Our organization led its first anti motion M-103 press conference a week ago in Ottawa.  See .

C3RF has grown unbelievably rapidly from coast to coast in under four weeks because of our shared national need to confront those who wittingly or unwittingly seek to introduce Sharia law in this country as replacement theology and legal system. See

Anti-Semitism is discrimination against Jews. It is not the same as "Islamophobia". Islamophobia is shutting down criticism of Islam by labeling it as a mental disorder. Our many Muslim C3RF members inform us that Islamophobia was developed by the Muslim Brotherhood to silence criticism of Islam in the West, even when that criticism is warranted. Criticizing practices like honour killings, mut'ah marriage, genital mutilation, and death threats to gays, all of which happen in Canada in the name of Islam isn't irrational. It's free speech. It's denying the imposition of Sharia law, as replacement for Canadian law. We came dangerously within a hair's breadth from this being adopted in Ontario in 2005, in domestic law.

"Anti-Muslim" is the parallel to anti-Semitism, but the Liberal Party proponent of this motion M-103 rejected that word substitution for Islamophobia. Her motion has weaponized the discourse. Fearing Sharia law being tolerated or accepted in this country isn't irrational. Criticizing its proponents when necessary is part of free speech. Secular Muslims and moderate imams cry out that they have the most to fear if Motion M-103 is passed. How could the rest of us be so blind, they ask?

155,000 Canadians signed petitions against Motion M-103, all in ten weeks. C3RF was told that MPs received 900,000 e-mails against M-103 in the last two days-- seems monumental and impossible, but they need to understand and hear our legitimate fears.

C3RF welcomes you to step forward to help lead -- this is our collective organization. Beyond this Thursday's vote on Motion M-103, C3RF is moving forward with a monthly newsletter to MPs (Marshall Garland), enhanced lobbyist training (Loretta Levinson), external stakeholder action re: Standing Committee (Barry Stork), our Facebook site (Teresa Reinhart), recruitment (Shirley Anne Haber), website content (Madeline Weld), outreach (Irving Weisdorf), creative networking with other groups (Russ Cooper), and other ideas.

We're in this battle for the long term as this week's vote is only the beginning on potential incursion of Islamophobia -- suppressing free speech-- into Canada.  Please pass this email on to your friends and other citizens who might be interested and ask them to visit our website - and join us - for the good of our children, our families and of all Canadians.


What can you do immediately?:

1. Join us

2. Tell your friends about us.

3. Take some webinar-based advocacy training.


Here is a Registration Form for Lobbyist Training.

Registration Form for Lobbyist Training 101 led by Loretta Levinson
Send completed form to:

Content includes:

  • What's in it for the MP

  • How to present information

  • What questions to ask

  • What are our wants etc...

Your Name:
Constituency Visit? (Y/N)
Ottawa Visit? (Y/N)
The following Training Sessions are being provided:

April 3, noon
April 26, 5 pm

Please specify your preferred Training Session:

Training Session Preferred:

Thank you for your interest.

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