Rampant Islamophobia

Editor’s Note: In this article, John Thomson explains in an entertaining way why it is that Parliament felt compelled to pass Motion M-103 in the face of rampant Islamophobia in Canada. Muslim Brotherhood Flag Islamophobia is the scourge of our time, and one never knows when or where the next outbreak of this dreaded social pathology will erupt. It could be happening in your own city. My own town of Toronto is not free of this dark taint. For instance, in March 2016, Ayanle Hassan Ali walked into a Canadian military recruiting office in Toronto. A young man with no police record, he is alleged to have taken a knife to a young clerk and supposedly went after a uniformed female member of

Vagueness of 'Islamophobia' is what makes it troublingly all-inclusive

Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid is congratulated by colleagues as she makes an announcement about an anti-Islamophobia motion on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. The House of Commons Heritage Committee hearings have already begun on M103. The controversial motion introduced by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid has had a somewhat interesting trajectory. When first introducing the motion, Khalid mentioned that she was pushed in school and that some fellow student’s comments – “Go home, you Muslim” – made her feel uncomfortable. But upon introducing the motion, she claimed she received numerous threats and read out many of them, including “Kill her and be done with it”, “W

Switzerland: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Jihad

What you would never know, from all this hand-wringing about "Islamophobia," is that only a few weeks before the conference, the country's media had reported on a popular imam in Biel who, in his sermons, "asked Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam -- Jews, Christians, Hindus, Russians, and Shiites." The imam in question, Abu Ramadan, preached that Muslims who befriended infidels were "cursed until the Day of Judgment" -- which, of course, is not radical at all, but is straight out of the Koran. The crisis is real. But, says Swiss Muslim author Saïda Keller-Messahli, Swiss politicians, "especially on the left," refuse to address it. Instead of trying to defend their country from radicalism,

Islamophobia in Parliament

Convivum editor in chief, Father Raymond J. de Souza shares his testimony to The House of Commons Committee on Canadian Heritage on M-103. OTTAWA – Islamophobia is certainly a bad thing. There are no good phobias, are there? In March, the House of Commons passed M-103, known as the “Islamophobia” motion, which called for the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” Controversy erupted over the ambiguity of the term “Islamophobia.” Did it include any comments critical of Islamic doctrine and practice? Islamophobia is a bad thing, but what kind of thing is it exactly? The House of Commons Committee on Canadian Heritage is holding

PETITION: Keep Christine Douglass-Williams on CRRF Board and Protect Free Speech

The spirit of Motion M-103 is alive as Minister Mélanie Joly considers removing Christine Douglass-Williams from the Board of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for having written for the website Jihad Watch. Sign this petition to let Minister Joly know that our right to free speech must not be quelled! Click here to view the full letter to be sent to Minister Joly on, and then add your signature today.

Our free speech is already under attack

Editor’s Note: While this article does not specifically deal with Motion M-103, it illustrates the controversy surrounding the accommodation of Muslim demands on Canadian society – the criticism of which many believe Motion M-103 is intended to silence. Many Canadians oppose the use of the term “Islamophobia” used in M-103 precisely because it conflates legitimate criticism of Islam or opposition to special accommodation for Muslims with anti-Muslim bigotry. Freedom of speech is vital for a free society. The principle behind freedom of speech, however, isn’t simply the ability to scream and shout down opinions we don’t like. The purpose of free expression is tied to our ability to debate

Hearing into Liberals’ anti-Islamophobia motion showcases confusion, fears of free speech loss

While the committee is supposed to be gathering recommendations for how to combat racism, members spent much of the time trying to explain M-103. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid makes an announcement about an anti-Islamophobia motion on Parliament Hill on Feb. 15, 2017. The Liberals’ anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, could lead to thought control, oppression, disharmony and the criminalization of non-Muslims, the House of Commons heritage committee heard Wednesday, during some of the most extreme criticism of the motion it has heard to date. It was a hearing that showcased much of the confusion and polarizing rhetoric that has swirled around M-103 since it was tabled by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid in Dec

Treatment by MPs at M-103 committee hearing nothing short of lousy

Leading up to my testimony at the House of Commons Heritage Committee last week, I had expected MPs to have some degree of interest in what a Muslim had to say about M-103 and the loaded word “Islamophobia”. Instead, I felt a tangible hostility from the phalanx of Liberal MPs, as well as the chair, MP Hedy Fry. Their body language, and refusal to address anything I had said as a witness made it evident to me this was not a “hearing”, but an exercise to rubber stamp a pre-determined outcome. This wasn’t the first time I had seen what appeared to me as a kangaroo court. Nearly 50 years ago in 1970, I was brought in handcuffs before a Martial Law Court in Karachi, Pakistan where a milit

Stop normalizing Sharia law in Canada

Leftist elites in Canada have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia law – the illiberal and often barbaric set of laws enforced in Islamic dictatorships. In Ottawa, the Trudeau government is in the middle of what feels like a show-trial designed to make “Islamophobia” illegal – a term the government itself has failed to define. After the controversial M-103 was passed in Parliament, leftist media and the Trudeau government insisted that the critics were wrong, that it’s just a motion – symbolic! – and that M-103 will have no legislative impact. When the Heritage Committee began its hearings last week, however, critics who expressed concern over the motion were proven right. One of

M-103 talk turns to prosecution, censorship

Michel Juneau-Katsuya makes an announcement on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday, March 9, 2017. After the first M-103 hearing on Monday, I wrote that we were perhaps facing a less adversarial process than expected. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid was conciliatory as the initial witness, emphasizing that her motion to tackle discrimination was equally about all religions and races. She hardly mentioned the ill-defined phrase Islamophobia. How quickly things change. Wednesday’s hearing confirmed some of Canadians’ worst suspicions about the process and its effects on free speech. Witness Michel Juneau-Katsuya was an officer in both the RCMP and CSIS. He’s been in private security for a number of

M-103 weaponizes what a ‘phobia’ is

Iqra Khalid A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by an excessive and irrational fear of an object or situation. It’s a medical condition, and clinical psychologists study the impact of this persistent and often debilitating illness. But what was once a scientific term of measurable phenomenon, has now been manipulated for political purposes. First, it was used pejoratively to describe those who oppose gay marriage. Some activists learned that calling their opponents “homophobic” was more effective than getting into the weeds of the historic definition of marriage — and why it ought to be expanded to include same-sex relationships. The tactic was successful, and other gro

Parliament’s anti-racism hearings kick off with witness warning of ‘Islamists in the corridors of po

Editor’s note: This article by VICE media shows the usual bias of the mainstream media. For example, the author Tamara Khandaker uncritically accepts as accurate the assertion by Michel Juneau-Katsuya that the far right in Canada presents a greater threat than Islamic radicalism (apparently despite there being far more completed or averted Islamist attacks reported by the media) but refers to Tarek Fatah’s testimony as “conspiratorial” for saying that hatred towards other religious groups was pervasive in Canadian mosques (even though Fatah himself has reported on such hatred at mosques he has attended) and that Islamist scholars have infiltrated various Canadian institutions (although that

Tarek Fatah takes the M103 fight to Ottawa

Tarek Fatah is pictured in a June 16, 2017 file photo. Brace yourselves, parliamentarians. Tarek Fatah is coming to town! The popular Toronto-based Sun columnist and media personality is trekking up to Ottawa to testify at the controversial M-103 hearings being held by the heritage committee on Wednesday. Fatah will be the first major speaker following Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s Monday appearance that started off the whole process. He’s been a firm critic of the motion that singles out the ill-defined phrase Islamophobia for possible special treatment in its bid to tackle discrimination, writing columns across the Sun chain on the issue. “I hope to make the MPs realize that if they include

Glazov Gang: Anni Cyrus Unveils the Dire Danger of M103.

On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Toronto, Canada. Anni unveiled The Dire Danger of M103 and cast a terrifying light on how treacherous forces are willfully bringing Sharia and Jihad to your neighborhood. Editor’s Note: This moving speech by Anni Cyrus posted on the Glazov Gang was one of many presentations made at C3RF’s meeting in Toronto on September 10th, 2017. You can see all the presentations here. And make sure to watch Anni’s powerful speech at the United America First Rally in California on July 8, 2017, where she spoke of how she escaped Sharia and then issued A Bone-Chilling Warnin

Robert Spencer’s Letter to Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister in the Trudeau Government

Is writing for Jihad Watch now a fireable offense? The freedom of speech is under severe attack all over the world, and the controversy that has erupted in Canada over Christine Douglass-Williams, a board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, writing for Jihad Watch, is ongoing. The Canadian Press reported: “With concerns about the post circulating among her fellow board members, it came to the attention of Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, whose department is responsible for the foundation.” So I sent this letter to Joly (you will not be at all surprised to learn that I have not received any reply): Honorable Minister Joly: I am writing in support of Christine Douglass-Willia

Liberals are wrongly supporting a Muslim victimhood narrative

Sixteen years have passed since that horrific day in 2001, and we must still wrestle with the scourge of terrorism. The Muslim world had already been exposed to terrorist atrocities for decades, but in recent years the Western world has also witnessed carnage at the hands of terrorist cells or lone wolves usually inspired by the rhetoric of articulate and ruthless demagogues. In the Muslim world it is long-established sectarianism that claims lives through terror attacks. In the Western world, it is those old animosities coupled with current political conflicts that have sparked the recent waves of terror, inspired largely by the likes of ISIS and their supporters. What exactly are the d

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