Rejoinder on Salim Mansur's article, "Justin Trudeau's brownface pseudo-controversy&quo

Editor's Note: Doğan D. Akman discusses how Justin Trudeau was caught in the “hysteria about racism” that he, and the Liberal party that he leads, have done much to foster. Mr. Akman is retired from the Federal Department of Justice where he worked as a Crown Prosecutor and then civil litigator specializing in aboriginal law. His Time of Israel blog can be found at Pierre Elliott and Justin Trudeau: Racists? By Doğan D. Akman The business of Justin Trudeau expressing seemingly profound grief and regret for having dyed his face black on three occasions of youthful social frolicking, convicting himself of racism and seeking forgiveness ad na

Salim Mansur: I am a PPC candidate and I am not a racist

Editor's Note: Salim Mansur's op-ed describes the control exerted on our society by the totalitarian left. Mansur is responding to an article by Evan Balgord of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, who promotes the silencing of political views not to his liking through accusations of hate. All it takes to be labelled a hater these days is to believe in protecting Canadian culture, to advocate for reduced immigration or to say that criticizing ANY religion is OK. The thugs of Antifa, ever willing to use violence or disruption, are the anti-hate enforcers. Mansur's article should be a warning to any Canadian who still believes in free speech. With Big Brother Evan Balgord watching you from his M

C3RF Member Update - 27 Sep, 2019

​Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Commentary! Is PM Trudeau a racist or a hypocrite? Dr. Salim Mansur opines Video! From one “brownface” to another Does Canada have a leadership problem? What to think? Our own, vainglorious leader, Prime Minister Trudeau, has shown himself to be capable of loutish behaviour in his not-so-younger years. So it seems with the revelation of three instances, so far as we know at the time of this writing, in which he “black” or “brown” faced his disrespect for “racialized” Canadian communities. It would appear that our Prime Minister is not the leader that he was made out to be. Where is the poster-boy of “diversity is our strength”? The man wh

VIDEO: Salim Mansur - From One Brownface to Another

Editor's Note: Salim Mansur opines with Robert Vaughan in this 11 minute video entitled "from one brownface to another". PM Trudeau is not a racist, just a third-rate actor and first class hypocrite playing a role on the international stage that he is unsuited for.

Justin Trudeau's brownface pseudo-controversy

Editor’s note: PPC candidate for London North Centre, Dr. Salim Mansur, discusses the “brownface” controversy generated by Prime Minister Trudeau during his teaching days at the elitist West Point Grey Academy in 2001. It’s not so much a matter of racism that should make everyday Canadians feel uneasy but the rank hypocrisy displayed by the Prime Minister, his supportive party affiliates and all those who vote for both after uncovering the double standards they all employ. These situational standards are evident in a multitude of indiscretions perpetrated by the Prime Minister and his compliant crew. They are characterized by “she may have experienced it differently” excuses even as they use

C3RF Member Update - 20 Sep, 2019

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Petition! No free speech for a victimized Pastor David in Toronto. Please sign Petition! Save Nigerian Christian family from deportation and sure persecution Book Review! Salim Mansur’s “The Quran Problem and Islamism” Video! A harsh assessment of political leaders in “A Matter of Trust” (11 min) Success! Max Bernier to participate in national Commission debates Good work C3RF members and followers! Your interventions in petitions and letter-wring campaigns have had the desired result - Max Bernier has been invited to participate in the English and French National Commission Debates. Would not have happened without your support and you

Book Review of The Qur'an Problem and Islamism by Salim Mansur

Editor's Note: Military historian and political scientist Scott Segrest from the Citadel military institute reviews Salim Mansur's book "The Qur'an Problem and Islamism." In doing so he engages the subject matter in a reasoned and honest fashion that challenges politically correct notions of the doctrines that underpin the religion of Islam. He highly recommends Mansur's book for military study purposes as it provides a Quranic frame of reference that challenges the sharia-derived worldview used by jihadists to justify acts of terrorism. The Qur'an Problem and Islamism. Salim Mansur. Mantua Books, 2017. BY SCOTT SEGREST SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 Salim Mansur writes as a self-described “dissident Mu

VIDEO: Salim Mansur and a Matter of Trust

Salim Mansur uses strong words to in this 11-minute video on how the Trudeau government has betrayed Canada and Canadians "like no other government" in the history of the nation. During his time in power, the "rule of law" has suffered great injury and left Canada with a two-tier justice system that favours some even as it punishes others. As a reformist Muslim, he further promises to be the eyes and ears of Canadians who are concerned with "entryism" and "Islamization" in the Canadian political system and fight related efforts to curtail the free speech rights of individual citizens.

C3RF Member Update - 13 Sep, 2019

Remarque : La version française suit un peu plus bas Video! Salim Mansur discusses personal freedom and free speech. The ballot-box question of election 2019? Paper! Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins discuss a strategy to defeat political Islam in the West Petition! Save Nigerian Christian family from deportation and sure persecution Petition! Open up the election debates to differing policy prescriptions All doubt removed – “responsible government” in Canada is on the wane! These pages of late have been rife with accounts of the decline of “responsible government” in Canada. Recall that “responsible government” is characterized a system of governance that gives the citizen voter a voice

C3RF Member Update - 06 Sep, 2019

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas Note! Consider signing this petition to open up the election debates to differing policy prescriptions Note! Download and present the “pledge to defeat Islamic entryism” to political door-knockers Hong Kong and an impending "Chinese Spring"? It is amazing to consider that the Hong Kong, anti-extradition protests continue apace even after five months of marches and demonstrations. More than this, what began as a call to retract a law aimed at extraditing criminally charged Hong Kongese to the mainland has morphed into a much wider concern. A concern over the diminishment of individual rights and freedoms and the “rule of law”. The people of

VIDEO: Salim Mansur - On Personal Freedom

Salim Mansur discusses personal freedoms and the responsibility for all Canadians to fight back against political correctness to preserve them (7 mins). Should this not be the ballot-box question of election 2019? Can any other question be considered if Canadians do not have the right to express themselves freely?

A strategy plan to defeat the Islamic Movement inside the United States

Editor's Note: In this must-read document by Richard Higgins and Stephen Coughlin, the authors describe the failure of the West to identify, define and counter the Islamic Movement and the threat it poses to our freedoms and way of life. Fifteen years after the 9/11 attacks, the US is losing the war in the information battle-space, where the enemy diverts national security efforts away from the objective of a global Islamic State subordinated to Sharia law. Higgins and Coughlin present a strategic plan on “Defeating the Islamic Movement inside the United States.” Read the Key Points and Executive Summary below, and download the PDF from either button at the top or bottom of the page. WHITE P

Salim Mansur: “Jordan Is Palestine” - Speech delivered at a conference in Jerusalem, October 18, 201

Editor's Note: In his presentation at a conference called “Jordan is Palestine” held nearly two years ago on the eve of the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, Salim Mansur discusses the Middle East stalemate. His remarks foreshadow the foreign policy of the People’s Party of Canada. Israel is Judea and Samaria reborn and “Jordan is Palestine.” It is time to respect historical truths. Read the full presentation below. Please click here to download a PDF. JORDAN IS PALESTINE By Salim Mansur Speech delivered at a conference in Jerusalem, October 18, 2017 The history of the fall out from the Balfour Declaration through to our time that has witnessed the barbarity of al Qaeda and the Islami

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