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C3RF "In Hot" interview with Natasha Gonek

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd) goes in depth with Natasha Gonek on her Freedom of Information disclosures into the Edmonton Police Service and its handling of unjustified Wuhan virus measures. Strap in for a wild ride that traces the freedom-crushing wrongdoing to the highest national and international levels.

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May 11

A couple of points here...First and foremost, there never was any "pandemic". It was a "Plandemic"! There is a mountain of collaborative evidence/proof of this; "Event 201", patents that go back many years, "test kits" that were available long before anyone even heard of "covid", etc.

BTW: the coronavirus is a family of cold viruses - it's the common cold!

Covid was/is a means to an end. That end "begins" with the WHO, WEF and UN. The long standing plan is to inject people with the mRNA Gene Editing Nanobot shot ad infinitum - until the end of days! Why change humanity's DNA? To prepare them for Transhumanism. You can read all about this nefarious plan on the WEF website.…

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