Take Action - Be A Witness at the upcoming Standing Committee

Motion M-103 has been sent to the Canadian Heritage Committee to gather data and make a recommendation to Parliament. For those who would like to participate, the public can now apply to be a witness to the Standing Committee to discuss M-103.

How to become a witness? It's easy to apply.

Simply send an email letter of 3 or 4 sentences with your name, contact information, and provide some of your background; where you live and are from, why you are interested in being a witness, and the topic you would like to discuss related to M-103. If you decide to apply, please don't delay - this opportunity might end soon. Write to the Clerk, Mr. Andrew Bartholomew Chaplin at CHPC@parl.gc.ca.
If you are chosen, (after they check your background), you may either be asked to testify face-to-face or to present by televised conference call. If the former, you likely will have 10 minutes to make an opening statement. You will be part of a panel and have an opportunity to answer brief questions. If there are travel and accommodation costs to Ottawa, you can apply for repayment, or request to have an audio-conference set up. Please also send a copy of your letter to info@canadiancitizens.org.