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Take Action - Be A Witness at the upcoming Standing Committee

Motion M-103 has been sent to the Canadian Heritage Committee to gather data and make a recommendation to Parliament. For those who would like to participate, the public can now apply to be a witness to the Standing Committee to discuss M-103.

How to become a witness? It's easy to apply.

Simply send an email letter of 3 or 4 sentences with your name, contact information, and provide some of your background; where you live and are from, why you are interested in being a witness, and the topic you would like to discuss related to M-103. If you decide to apply, please don't delay - this opportunity might end soon. Write to the Clerk, Mr. Andrew Bartholomew Chaplin at
If you are chosen, (after they check your background), you may either be asked to testify face-to-face or to present by televised conference call. If the former, you likely will have 10 minutes to make an opening statement. You will be part of a panel and have an opportunity to answer brief questions. If there are travel and accommodation costs to Ottawa, you can apply for repayment, or request to have an audio-conference set up. Please also send a copy of your letter to


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