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Take Action - Tips on Talking to your MP about M-103

One of the ways you can Take Action is calling/visiting your MP for a conversation about Motion M-103 to let him/her know their constituents feelings about this important matter, which they have been elected to represent in government.


Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your call/meeting:

  • Ask the MP's assistant for an appointment

  • Organize your talking points - if you require assistance, please email and we will provide you with documents, support and training

  • State the reason for your visit - you are worried about Motion M-103 and would like to discuss your concerns. State something like: "I am your constituent. As my MP, you represent my concerns in government. I want you to know that MOTION M-103 represents a threat to Canadian's ability to criticize Islam in any meaningful way without being accused of Islamophobia, which is not legally defined in any way, and I ask you to support my right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, so that I can discuss my ideas without intimidation and practice my faith freely, as laid out in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

  • Be polite and respectful

  • Attend with friends or neighbours - go in a group - as it has far more impact. Have a friendly and focused discussion on the key points.

You might feel hesitant but our MPs are there to serve us. If you prefer, just leave a message - every phone message is recorded and the MP is informed.
The MP might state, "It is just a Motion and not a Bill or Law".

ANSWER: It is more than a motion. A motion is not a law, but it begins an important process. And what results from that process could threaten our basic freedoms such as expression and religion.

Don't leave without seeking a commitment from the MP - check how they voted here, and if they voted for the motion, find out the reason. Try to make it clear that this is only the beginning, and that we represent a large voting contingent in this riding and across Canada. The number of signatures on the Petitions has now surpassed 150,000.

​See Talking to your MP about M-103: 5 great rules for successful public advocacy for more tips on the best way to approach and converse with your MP.

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