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Heritage Committee Releases Report on Motion M-103

The Heritage Committee’s report on Motion M-103, published in early February, can be read here:

It provides different views on the definition of the term Islamophobia (part 1.4.3) which itself should be reason enough to avoid using it. And some of the opinions throughout the document, whether by witnesses that testified before the Committee or otherwise, raise concerns that the legitimization of the term would also lead to the legitimization of silencing critics of Islam.

Although the Liberals soft-pedal the term, they recommend condemning “Islamophobia” (Recommendation 22), a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia (Recommendation 30), and tighter monitoring of the internet for “hate speech” (Recommendation 29), which in Europe has been used to silence critics of Islam.

In its minority report, the Conservative party also specifically addresses the problems with the term “Islamophobia,” which, many moderate Muslims fear, will also be used to silence them from expressing their concerns about Islamists.

Heritage Committee Report on Motion M-103 and Islamophobia

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