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C3RF kicks off video series "Major Cooper In Hot" with the truth about freedom-crushing "lockdowns"

"Major Cooper In Hot" is a new C3RF video venue that sees major Russ Cooper (Ret'd) rolling "in hot" on issues related to our own, hard-won fundamental Charter Rights and Freedoms. In the first such session he teams up with problem-solver and national treasure, Julius Ruechel, to attack the false narratives surrounding the Wuhan virus lockdown and vaccine roll-out strategies.

Julius Ruechel proves to be an able wingman as his related, published analyses, prove more potent than bombs, rockets and cannon fire in demolishing the lies and misinformation surrounding the need to stop-up our economy and civil liberties - even as our children are placed in jeopardy with experimental gene therapies. Strap-in and ready yourself for some high "G" maneuvering as the truth is let loose, through fact-based analysis, to challenge baseless Wuhan virus narratives. After all, isn't that what science is supposed to be about?

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)


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