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Second in video series "Major Cooper In Hot" - The psychology of fear

"Major Cooper In Hot" discusses the psychology of fear being employed to intimidate and silence Canadians. What can be done to save our individual rights and freedoms?

The second in a series of C3RF, "Major Cooper In Hot" videos sees the Major rolling "in hot" on the stripping away of Canadian civil liberties in the face of the never-ending Wuhan virus crisis. Once again, his able wingman on this target run is analytical, problem solver, Julius Ruechel, who sees parallels between our situation and the fabled emperor who wore no clothes.

Using this analogy as a start point, the conversation winds its way from the authoritative use of “the psychology of fear” to what needs to be done to counter it. This looks to be no easy task as all of the institutional levers of power are clearly aligned with the forces of centralization and tyranny against the lowly citizen. One cannot help but wonder how the rights of the individual, once cherished by a Charter dedicated to protecting them from the power of government, could be so cavalierly crushed.

It’s all up to the “good and silent” people to meet the challenge of our age and time is short. As authorities quicken the pace and double down on coercive measures to further restrict our liberties one thing is for sure - the “good people” can no longer be “silent”. Strap-in and ready yourself for some high "G" maneuvering as our predicament and the way out of it are exposed.

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)


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