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Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens Call For Rally Against M-103 on Tuesday March 21, 12pm-2pm,

RALLY AGAINST MOTION 103 When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 (at 12:00pm). Where: In front of the Ottawa Parliament and in front of every City Halls throughout Canada and the Province of Québec. What to prepare in advance: CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE Please call your local Police in advance, and twice. First call, 24 hours before the event and second call, 1 hour before the event. This, in order to notify the Police force of a peaceful protesting event and to secure protection in case established Islamic groups show up, the Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Anti-Fascist Group (Antifa), the Communist Parties and the Islamist Parties. Be conscious that these groups may show up at any time to try and intimidate us. FREE SPEECH is not part of their culture. Be prepared, and remember, we never promote violence during our events. We are a peaceful community. What to bring:

  • Signs saying "NO to MOTION 103" (Please, no hate signs)

  • Canada and/or Quebec flags (To differentiate yourself from Islam supporters)

  • Warm clothing, water and snacks

  • Your printed letter to be delivered in person

During this free activity for all, let’s stand together and strong. Let's show the world that we want to live in peace, in love, in harmony and in security. We will never allow extremist Islamic policies to take root in beautiful and peaceful Canada. Let’s tell our elected representatives that we only have one word for Motion 103, and this is: NO.

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