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Canadian government appointee Christine Douglass-Williams under fire for writing for Jihad Watch

Christine Douglass-Williams

Leftists frequently present the statements of those they oppose without even attempting any refutation. They either assume that they’re self-evidently false, or think that even if they’re true, not positions that people who want to be accepted by the establishment elites are allowed to hold. So it is here: Melanie Joly is apparently concerned about the statement from Jihad Watch writer Christine Douglass-Williams below about deceptive Islamic supremacists, but neither Joly nor anyone else offers any evidence for why it is wrong or hateful. Are there actually Muslims who posture as moderate when they actually aren’t? Consider the imam Fawaz Damra was known in the Cleveland area “as a voice of moderate, mainstream Islam.” He “was often seen at public events with politicians and leaders of other faiths, including several prayer services after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.” Meanwhile, he was “disparaging Jews in Arabic as ‘pigs and monkeys’ and raising money for the killing of Jews by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” But despite the reasonableness of her statement, “there are concerns that Douglass-Williams’s views are a hindrance to her work with the foundation and an affront to its legally defined mandate, which is to help eliminate racism and racial discrimination in Canada.” Racism? Racial discrimination? What race is jihad terror again? What race is Sharia oppression of women, non-Muslims, gays, etc.? Meanwhile, much is made of my saying that “Islamophobia” is a term designed to intimidate people into fearing to oppose jihad terror, but this article itself, and the “scrutiny” of Christine Douglass-Williams for writing for Jihad Watch, is an illustration of the truth of what I said. She opposes jihad terror, and so is under fire on suspicions of “Islamophobia.” This is what the Left and Islamic supremacists, as well as the establishment conservatives, have done to Jihad Watch for years, and now the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau is doing the same thing, stigmatizing honest reporting about the nature and magnitude of the jihad terror threat as “bigotry” and “racism.” Meanwhile, who calls Jihad Watch a “hateful website”? A representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, formerly known as CAIR-CAN. That’s right, Hamas-linked CAIR. Expect Melanie Joly to jump to do its bidding. The Left sees its chance after Charlottesville. Leftists are moving rapidly to crush all dissent and destroy all opponents, ripping up the foundations of a free society and demanding that everyone conform to Leftist groupthink, on pain of ostracism (Hillary’s “peer pressure and shaming”), character assassination and professional ruin. It’s coming down fast. This “scrutiny” of Christine is part of that initiative.

Melanie Joly

“Federal appointee to race relations board under scrutiny for writings on Islam,” The Canadian Press, August 20, 2017: "OTTAWA — A board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, an arms-length federal government agency with a mandate to combat racial discrimination, is in jeopardy of losing her post over her writings on the controversial website Jihad Watch. Christine Douglass-Williams has been writing for the site almost since she was appointed to the foundation’s board in 2012. But multiple sources have told The Canadian Press that the government is reviewing that appointment in the wake of an essay that appeared on the site in May. The post, entitled, “Christine Williams: My personal warning to Icelanders,” was based on a visit Douglass-Williams paid to the country alongside Jihad Watch founder and U.S. academic Robert Spencer earlier this year. In it, Douglass-Williams warns that Icelanders are being duped by seemingly moderate Muslims who deceive people into believing they are harmless, and writes that if Muslims truly had nothing to hide, they’d allow police to conduct surveillance in their mosques. “Islamic supremacists will smile at you, invite you to their gatherings, make you feel loved and welcome, but they do it to deceive you and to overtake you, your land and your freedoms,” she writes. “They intentionally make you feel guilty for questioning their torturous deeds toward humanity — toward women, Christians, gays, Jews, apostates, infidels and anyone who dares to oppose these deeds.” With concerns about the post circulating among her fellow board members, it came to the attention of Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, whose department is responsible for the foundation. Specifically, there are concerns that Douglass-Williams’s views are a hindrance to her work with the foundation and an affront to its legally defined mandate, which is to help eliminate racism and racial discrimination in Canada. In a statement to The Canadian Press, Douglass-Williams said it is not racist to oppose “the jihadist-Islamist” agenda, and that her writings are entirely in keeping with the work of the board. “Any efforts currently against me in my private work are an unjust, agenda-driven and cruel attempt to intimidate me for my distaste for all supremacist agendas,” she wrote. She pointed to her recent book, “The Challenges of Modernizing Islam,” as proof that she’s pro-Muslim and pro-human rights. “My book differentiates between Islamists and human rights-respecting Muslims who thrive to live peaceably and equally among Westerners,” Douglass-Williams wrote. “They ask for no special favors and advocate for the separation of mosque and state; they condemn Islamism, and stand against human rights abuses committed in the name of their religion, sometimes at great personal risk.” Pierre-Olivier Herbert, a spokesperson for Joly, said the foundation needs a board that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion…. Spencer, who launched Jihad Watch in 2003, has expressed frustration with the view that the perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks did not represent the true peaceful nature of Islam. He believes it must be made clear that the attacks were rooted in Islam — not to demonize Muslims, but to prove there’s a problem within the religion. Spencer has gone on to deny the existence of Islamophobia, calling it a term deployed in order to “intimidate non-Muslims away from criticizing or resisting the jihad and Islamic supremacism.” Douglass-Williams picked up on similar themes in a March 2017 post about a controversial House of Commons motion that called “on the government of Canada to condemn Islamophobia in Canada and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” Douglass-Williams accused the Liberal MP who sponsored the motion of being part of a broader plot when she insisted on including the word Islamophobia in the text, as opposed to other suggested phrases like “anti-Muslim bigotry.” In a statement, the National Council of Canadian Muslims said anyone with such views has no place on the foundation’s board. “For a federal appointee to be writing for hateful websites, denying the existence of Islamophobia and calling for the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of a minority community is contrary to everything the Canada Race Relations Foundation stands for and to the values enshrined in the charter,” Amira Elghawaby said in a statement. “We are confident that the federal government will take appropriate action with respect to this matter.”

This article was originally published on the Jihad Watch website on August 20, 2017, and the original story can be viewed on their site by clicking here.

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