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POLL: 49% Of Canadians Oppose “National Day Of Remembrance And Action On Islamophobia”, Just 17% Sup

Editor's Note: Spencer Fernando reports on a recent poll showing that 49% of Canadians oppose and only 17% support a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” The Trudeau government did not listen to the views of Canadians on Motion M-103, will it listen to them regarding a day against “Islamophobia”?


The Canadian people consistently see through the attempts by the elites to slander legitimate questions and criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia.” A Forum Research poll shows far more Canadians oppose the idea of an anti-“Islamophobia” day than support it. As reported by the Toronto Sun, “Forum Research polled 1,408 Canadian voters and found half (49%) disapproved of designating such a day. Almost 40% disapproved strongly.” Meanwhile, support for the day is very low: “Approval came from only 17% of those polled; strong approval was noted among 7%. The same number — 7% — say they don’t know, while fully a quarter (26%) neither approve nor disapprove.” This matches with what we saw when the Trudeau Liberals forced M-103 through Parliament. The vast majority of Canadians opposed it, clearly able to see that the term “Islamophobia” is dangerous in a free society. After all, we have the right to criticize religions and political ideas, and calling that criticism a “phobia” is a way to silence debate and make the topic off limit – suppressing free speech in the process. As Canadians, we were horrified by the mosque shooting, as nobody should ever be attacked or live in fear when worshipping in our nation. With that in mind, the elites despicably tried to take advantage of the attack to push their political agenda and slander Patriotic Canadians. The results of this latest poll shows that Canadians are rising above the manipulation, and firmly reject the idea of a day against “Islamophobia.” This article was originally published on Spencer Fernando's website on January 28, 2018, and can be viewed on his site by clicking here.

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