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All aTwitter about Islamophobia

While Omar Algabra, who supported the push for sharia law in Ontario in 2004-2005, claims that “Islamophobia” is the manifestation of hate, ignorance and fear:

Omar Alghabra tweet

Tarek Fatah counters that the word was created by Islamists to silence criticism of Islam:

Tarek Fatah tweet

C3RF fears that Motion M-103 could take us disturbingly close to the silencing of free speech that Fatah fears. Tarek Fatah calls attention to the prayers at mosques in Canada, where Islamic clerics spread hatred and contempt for Christians and Jews. Yet they think the problem is Islamophobia. If there is “Islamophobia” in Canada, perhaps Islamic leaders as well as the government of Canada, both of whom promote Motion M-103, should consider the effects of such preachings on the attitudes of non-Muslim Canadians.

Click here or on the image below to see the latest tweets hashtagging "Islamophobia".


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