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VIDEO: Marcel de Graaff - "Countries who import the third world will become the third world”

Editor’s Note: In this 4.5-minute speech, Dutch co-chair of the European Parliament, Marcel de Graaff, outlines the risks posed by the United Nation’s Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. He expresses particular concern about how criticism of the Compact – and of the essentially open migration it would allow – could be construed as hate speech. Canada is not only proposing to sign the Compact when the UN meets in Marrakesh on December 10–11, it is leading the charge. Bear in mind that shortly after he was elected as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau referred to Canada as the “first postnational state.” Would a postnational state be concerned about secure borders? The Trudeau government didn’t seem to believe in borders even before having signed the compact: it has allowed the influx of tens of thousands of “irregular” (many of us prefer the term “illegal”) migrants. Like Motion M-103, which is designed to quell criticism of Islam by condemning “Islamophobia,” the Global Compact on Migration, which designates migration as a human right, is designed to shut us up by shutting down criticism of the mass influx of migrants into our country and of any customs that they bring that we might find disagreeable.

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