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"CHP Talks" interview with Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)

Editor's noteMajor Russ Cooper (Ret'd) discusses geo-politics with Rod Taylor on the Christian Heritage Party's  "CHP Talks" program. When it comes to the Ukraine-Russia war, is Canada really making the world a better place by throwing billions of unaudited tax payer dollars at the conflaguration? Come to think of it, is there a history involved that Canadians should know but their legacy media refuses to discuss? Then again, why is the same media so silent when it comes to the equivalencies being drawn by their own governments in the Israeli-Hamas conflict. This, when the laws of war stand in firm opposition to the making of such false analogies? Strap in for an informative ride that challenges the everyday narratives that are being force-fed to rank-and-file Canadians.


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