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Fighting the Great Reset One Inch at a Time

Editor's note: J.B. Shurk’s article provides a synopsis of the many fronts on which American society is being attacked, undermined, destabilized and destroyed. Its sense of community is being shredded, its founders vilified, its values denigrated, and its citizens battered by one crisis after another, while the government uses these “emergencies” to grab more power and control over the lives of its citizens. And what is happening in America is happening, in one way or another, in every western country and throughout the world. Because the breakdown of national identities, love of county, and patriotism is a prerequisite for the Great Reset that the World Economic Forum has planned for us as it establishes a New World Order. A New World Order in which the elites have all the power and money and the rest of us are reduced to serfdom.

Shurk urges his fellow American to fight back against the Great Reset. “Fighting back always starts with a little flick of light, a little sand in the gears, a little disobedience, a little outright defiance.” And here in Canada, that is exactly what Freedom Convoy 2022 did. This “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” fought back against government mandates that forced people to take an experimental vaccine of questionable effectiveness and questionable safety for a disease that is not much more deadly than the common flu – with no end in sight for the number of boosters that might be required. Vaccine mandates were not about health, they were about control. The government’s response of invoking the Emergencies Act to crush the protest and freeze the bank accounts of donors betrayed its totalitarian mindset.

People in many countries are starting to wake up and fight back against government policies that undermine their ability to earn a living. Sri Lankans overthrew their government when its agricultural policies slashed their harvest and Dutch farmers also rose up in protest when their government tried to implement policies that would put many of them out of business. To thwart this global power grab, we must continue to resist and continue to awaken others as to how it operates, so that a few can become many and the disaster of the New World Order can be averted.


By J.B. Shurk

This fight against Great Reset communism is a struggle that many Americans did not see coming. As such, they're just now "awakening" to the massive globalist threat of the World Economic Forum's planned New World Order. They went to bed one night believing that most Americans shared a common sense of values, an appreciation for American history, and a patriotic dedication to liberty and freedom. They rose in the morning to discover that their Founding Fathers were now considered racist; their education system could no longer distinguish boys from girls; the national security surveillance state monitored all their moves; and socialism had taken over the free market economy under the guises of central bank money-printing, unsustainable government spending, ESG manipulation of stocks, racial redistribution programs, COVID-1984 fear campaigns, and apocalyptic tales of "climate change."

The barrage of so many crises at once is alarming. It is also intentional. Sowing rampant doubt and uncertainty among a population creates opportunity for any hostile force. A disoriented and fractured society is a society ripe for conquering. Before every great invasion, target nations are first pounded with a cacophony of cannon blasts and blinded with a curtain of sulfuric smoke to create confusion, crumble defenses, and cripple resolve. That's what we have today.

Notice that there is nothing about American life that could be mistaken as "uniting." Twitter and Facebook spend most of their corporate energy punishing citizens for their "bad" thoughts. When you attend a ballgame, a public service announcement plays over the loudspeaker listing all the things you are not allowed to say out loud. Movies, television shows, and songs have swapped out inspiration and reverie for nonstop messaging inciting grievance, envy, anger, and violence. Religious faith is mocked as "anti-science." Masculinity is attacked as "toxic." Motherhood is demeaned as "old-fashioned." Families are ridiculed as "colonial." And hard work is reviled as "white supremacist."

When you are being pounded daily with such nonsensical psychological barrages, it is time to focus and remember that waves of mass propaganda always precede any boots-on-the-ground invasion. Make no mistake: the globalist horde are at the gates, and they mean to conquer us. Chaos is their calling card. Carnage is their weapon for seizing control. Crisis is their brand. It is all by design.

Every national issue is meant to rub salt into the wounds of some group of Americans. Every government program is used to blame one group of Americans for another group of Americans' perceived problems. Political leaders spend most of their time instigating conflict between Americans by heightening racial discord and encouraging animosity. The Federal Reserve and Congress are crushing middle-class savings and unleashing unprecedented poverty. New "emergencies" are unveiled weekly to justify unconstitutional government power-grabs that would have never been tolerated in the past. We are, quite simply, in the midst of a vast "divide and conquer" campaign orchestrated to separate Americans from one another.

This is not normal. It is not normal for a national government to intentionally cause economic destruction, racial conflict, and social misery. It is not normal for political leaders to care more about Ukraine's borders than our own Southern border. It is not normal for a U.S. president to hand our emergency petroleum stockpiles over to an adversarial China. It is not normal for the federal government to let hostile foreign powers gobble up American farmland and critical industry infrastructure. It is not normal for the United States to hand its sovereignty to the bureaucrats of unelected international institutions and the champagne socialists of the World Economic Forum and its fraternity of globalist social clubs. It is not normal for the White House and Congress to work together to cripple domestic energy resources, strangle food production, and unleash waves of poverty-inducing inflation. It is not normal for the U.S. military to replace its best and strongest warriors with "woke" pretenders who couldn't withstand a strong breeze but do cower in tears from the "violence" of words.

The only time any of this is "normal," in fact, is when such destructive acts are part of a larger operation to bring down a country from within its ranks. What we have today is national sabotage of the ugliest kind, treachery orchestrated by malicious Americans-in-name-only who insist they are acting for our "own good." They hide their intentions behind imaginary virtues, but what they spout is pure propaganda. You're either with them or a "racist." You either support their goals for a centrally controlled economy or are "killing the planet." You either understand why they must lock you up in your home during "emergencies" or are "anti-science." You either accept tainted elections or are an "insurrectionist." You either support government power absolutely or are an "extremist." You either embrace their absurdities or are "hateful." You either support their mass programs for re-education or are "dangerous." Like a political prisoner being brainwashed into compliance, you will either obey or suffer the consequences. And the brainwashers will not relent until Americans accept their new normal and America is destroyed for good.

That's where we come in — the outliers and misfits, the rebels and rule-breakers, the ones willing to throw a little sand in the gears of the Great Reset until it grinds against itself, buckles, splinters, and breaks. Systems are strong when they are self-sustaining. When they develop naturally through voluntary cooperation, they tend to last. When they depend upon force, propaganda, and coercion to survive, however, a strong kick to just the right part of their artificial edifice collapses the whole monstrous tower of lies. Communism, at its heart, after all, is nothing but a system of lies meant to keep the powerful on top and the powerless enslaved. Within its web of lies, though, is our salvation. You pull out one rivet, and then another and another, until all that's left standing is a wobbly, unwieldy mass unable to support its own weight.

Life is struggle. It doesn't matter whether you're taking the next hill under heavy artillery fire or fighting to get food on the table for your family. Every inch gained can feel like an excruciating battle. You put enough of those inches together, however, and it is often astonishing to realize how far you've advanced.

It's the little things that will end up having the biggest effects in the end. People start rejecting "woke" school indoctrination for real education and trade skills. Struggling families learn once again how to grow their own food and depend upon the talents of their own communities. Government propaganda is ignored, while private distribution of samizdat flourishes. Hunting and gun ownership thrive. 3D printers render government gun confiscation useless. Decentralized digital currencies enable workarounds to government-manipulated currencies. Local communities reject mass surveillance. Entire states rebel against federal government overreach. Spiritual faith and strength in family supplant the government's mandated political correctness. A robust American culture rises to destroy the New World Order religion destroying society today.

In other words, what is natural returns and grows again, and what is unnatural dies from its own poisonous contradictions. Fighting back always starts with a little flick of light, a little sand in the gears, a little disobedience, a little outright defiance. A few become some who become many. And as more and more people awaken, the light of all that resistance becomes just too bright for communism's dark defenders to hide.


This article was originally posted on website and can be accessed here.


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